If Unicorns Were People, What Would They Wear?

This may sound ridiculous for a grown woman to admit, but one of my dreams in life is to meet a unicorn — plus a mermaid, a dragon, and a fairy. Unicorns are so beautiful that I'm sure if they were human, they would be eternally fashionable and everyone would want to channel unicorn style.

We've seen the crossover between human and unicorn before in the animated movie The Last Unicorn . In this magical film, a unicorn discovers she is the last unicorn on Earth due to a horrendous monster vanquishing the rest of her kind. The unicorn embarks on a noble quest to discover what happened to the others and she learns some valuable life lessons along the way.

During her travels, a clumsy wizard turns her into a human in the hope of hiding her true identity from the evil beast. Although the unicorn doesn't actually enjoy being a human (well I guess humans wouldn't enjoy suddenly becoming a horse) she is transformed into a truly beautiful person, inside and out. She is disguised as Lady Amalthea and is given a stunning, lilac dress to wear. I imagine if unicorns were real and then made human, the majority of the transformed unicorn population would probably channel this kind of elfin, ethereal style.

However, like people, not all unicorns are the same. Take, for instance, one of my favorite horned horses of all time: Lady Rainicorn. Although not technically a unicorn — she is in fact a rainicorn, which is a rainbow/unicorn hybrid — she belongs to a species of multi-colored unicorn with special powers.

Adventure Time is set in the Land of Ooo, which is said to be a post-apocalyptic Earth. Therefore Adventure Time must be set in the future. Considering the fashions of Ooo (where Lady Rainicorn lives) and taking into account Lady Rainicorn's bright and cheery nature, I think she would have a completely unique unicorn style. Obviously her style would include rainbow garments, but due to her super powers (some of which include: flying, phasing through walls, and firing light beams from her horn), I think there'd be some magical pieces in the mix.

Therefore, unicorn-inspired fashion must be split into two categories: The Lady Amalthea ethereal style and the Lady Rainicorn rainbow style. So make a wish and hold on tight while we dissect their style.

Lady Amalthea

When the last existing unicorn becomes Lady Amalthea, she has flowing white blonde hair, purple eyes, and wears (for the most part) a medieval style, off the shoulder gown. Lady Amalthea looks as if she belongs in Rivendell with the elves residing there. She has a feminine, fairy-esque and ethereal style.

The Floaty Gown

Fame and Partners Geo Heartline Lace Panel Long Sleeve Maxi Dress, $272,

Although a little pricey, this maxi is the ultimate unicorn-turned-human dress. It has demure lace cut-outs and long sleeves and an elegant open back. It could be worn for many occasions; in my opinion it would make a beautiful wedding dress. This is an investment dress fit for a fairy queen.

The Lilac Gaze

Starburst Contacts, $25,

To totally channel Lady Amalthea's look, why not go the whole hog (or horse) and wear some lilac-colored contact lenses? In fact, if lilac isn't your color, you could choose your favorite color in a magical design such as this "Starburst" one.

The Sparkling Stickers

Forever Eye Kit, $20,

To really draw attention to your alluring eyes and to give a nostalgic nod to your time as a unicorn, wear these bejeweled stickers to add a sprinkling of magic to your look.

The Alicorn Cape

White Feather Collar Shrug Cape, $27,

This feather cape is super dreamy and is definitely giving off strong Lady Amalthea vibes. It is reminscent of an alicorn's (winged unicorn's) feathery wings and although Lady Almethea herself was not an alicorn, she could wear this cape to show the rich heritage and diversity of her species.

The Silver Shoes

Womens Closed Pointed Toe High Heel Soft Material Sequins Solid D-orsay Pumps with Sequin, $30,

These sparkly silver shoes are enchanting and would finish off Lady Amalthea's outfit wonderfully.

Lady Rainicorn

Lady Rainicorn is quite the futuristic chick. She doesn't wear any clothes as such because being a unicorn, one doesn't have the need for them. However, her body is rainbow-colored, she has a long, blonde mane, and a prominent horn on her head.

The Unicorn Hood

The Magicorn Hood, $38,

As a huge Lady Rainicorn and unicorn fan, I actually received this hood for a birthday present (thanks dad) and I love it! It is so warm and cozy and marvelously on point for Lady Rainicorn with its rainbow colored mane.

The Rainbow Catsuit

Sheer Rainbow Stripes Catsuit, $130,

This rainbow striped catsuit is an absolute must for any Lady Rainicorn wannabee. With its all over multi-colored stripes, you'll be so enamored that you'll be phasing through walls in no time! Make sure to wear a bodysuit underneath because although it may be okay for Lady Rainicorn to go out without any clothes on, you don't want to get arrested for accidental indecent exposure!

The Holographic Hoofs

Yamelia Holographic Open Toe Mule Sandals, $45,

Lady Rainicorn is super confident and sassy and would need some shoes to match! These holographic heels are futuristic and magical — just like Lady Rainicorn.

The Rainbow Crystal Pendant

Glow In The Dark Resin Rainbow Crystal Necklace, $16,

This rainbow crystal pendant is the cherry on the cake to Lady Rainicorn's look. Lady Rainicorn would wear this in memory of the fight her people took part in over the Crystal Dimension; the Rainicorn-Dog Wars.

Whichever unicorn you decide to channel, you'll be sure to feel absolutely enchanting because it's impossible to feel unhappy when you're dressed as a unicorn.

Images: Rankin/Bass Productions; ITC Entertainment; Topcraft; Giphy (2); Courtesy Brands