Our Dream Mariah Medley For The Billboard Awards

by Alyse Whitney

For the first time since 1999, Mariah Carey will perform at the Billboard Music Awards. No, this isn't just a "sweet, sweet fantasy" — the pop diva will be giving us lots of "Emotions" when she hits the stage for the 2015 show on May 17, and I doubt she'll just sing one song. Carey has 18 No. 1 hits from her impressive career, and she's preparing to release an album of all of them on May 18 after kicking off her Las Vegas residency, Mariah #1 to Infinity , on May 6. It's going to be a busy month for Carey and her fans, and considering her long hiatus from the award show, this will likely be a performance for the record books.

Since there's no way that Carey could sing all of her hits in one performance, it could be a condensed version like Justin Timberlake and Beyonce's VMA performances over the past few years. Instead of trying to cover her entire discography, I think she should stick to the classic '90s hits that put her on the map for the first decade of her career, ranging from "Vision of Love" to "Heartbreaker" and back again. Since she's so busy working on her show, I went ahead and created the medley for her, telling the story of a relationship from start to finish with a bonus track at the end.


It's a fantasy to see Carey perform all of her hits for one, but this could kick off a storyline of just dreaming about a guy before you get together.


Of course, Carey always gets her way, so this continues the story of having a "dream lover" come and take her away.


After the courting period, Carey is feeling a lot of strong emotions for her new guy, and it soars her to new heights (and high notes).

"Vision of Love"

The middle song of the medley has to be "Vision of Love," because falling in love is beautiful and so is this track.


Uh-oh — what happens when you break Carey's heart? She has another hit with Jay Z.

"Always Be My Baby"

Even when things go wrong, Carey still keeps you in her heart, though. Never forget.

"One Sweet Day"

This was the song that stayed at No. 1. for the longest and it's a collaboration with Boyz II Men, so it would be a sweet note to end on.