Rihanna Exposes Her Bobby Pins For Chic Hair

by Kali Borovic

Rihanna is one trendsetter who knows exactly how much to expose. After an extraordinary night on the red carpet, the meme-inspiring fashionista shed her cloak for a sheer top, but Rihanna's exposed bobby pin hairstyle was definitely the star of her Met Gala after-party. Her fur-edged sheer top carried on the barely-there trend that she often rocks, but it was her bobby-pinned locks that really pulled the look together.

The American Oxygen singer was on point all night with her hair accessories. She walked the red carpet at the Met Gala outfitted in a yellow caped gown and finished the look with a jeweled headband that lended some polish to her sleek red bob. Then, Rihanna traded her major hair accessory for bobby pins that outlined the front of her hairline, creating a more relaxed and modern vibe.

No stranger to over-the-top creations, the singer keeps people guessing at almost every event, and her Met Gala fashion was no exception. Her unique post-Met Gala hair style is the perfect way to give a modern feel to a vintage trend. Matching her lip and eye color to her hair color, Rihanna used the hair accessories to break up the monotone color palette. Hair accessories were popular throughout the entire night, but Rihanna's look brought a personal and polished feel to an already-admirable ensemble.

But Rihanna is not the only star who has rocked the exposed bobby pin look. From the red carpet to a day out with friends, there's no place the hair accessory can't go. The style works for all different hair lengths as well, whether its completing a look or just taming down fly-aways.

Create a visually appealing look

Lily Collins beat Rihanna to the trend when she sported her Mara Roszak hairdo. The look comes in handy whether it's on purpose or just for extra security.

Combine style with convenience

Emma Stone made sure her blonde hair was perfectly in place with these bobby pins. Not only did they add a visually appealing aspect to her wardrobe, but Stone didn't have to worry about having to constantly check her 'do. By opting for a color that showed up in her hair, the actress demonstrated that she was going for style as well as convenience.

Show off an accessory

The post-Met Gala party was not the only time Rihanna flaunted this look. She's been a big fan of exposed bobby pins for some time now, and even flaunted the look at Coachella. She beat the heat and showed off her stunning sunnies while making the trend just a functional as it is fashionable.