Al Sah-Him Might Be Here To Stay On 'Arrow'

If you're anything like me then you're probably still having a hard time adjusting to the fact that not only is our former vigilante a full-fledged member of the League of Assassins, but now he's expected to marry Nyssa as well, thereby crushing all of our Olicity-fueled dreams. But as depressing as all that is, an Arrow wedding may be exactly what we need to get things back to normal around here. As my fellow Bustle writer Alice Walker has pointed out, if Oliver and Nyssa get married then there's a good chance that she could end up taking over as leader of the League of Assassins, thus allowing Oliver to return to Starling City and leave his Al Sah-Him identity behind.

Sure, I expect that this plan will be filled with danger and massive complications. (It wouldn't be a true Arrow episode if it didn't.) But that doesn't mean it can't still somehow all work out. Being the next Ra's al Ghul was never something that Oliver wanted. It was shoved upon him. The same cannot be said for Nyssa. She has wanted this title right from the start, and given all that she's been through I'd say she's more than earned it. So why can't their nuptials provide the solution they both seek?

Because make no mistake, there is no Arrow without Oliver Queen. He can't be off at Nanda Parbat for the rest of the series, completely separated from the rest of the main cast. It just wouldn't work. Oliver needs to be back in Starling City ASAP. And I think his wedding to Nyssa will bring him one step closer to finally getting there, though whether or not he chooses to keep his new Al Sah-Him identity has yet to be determined.

Let's not forget that the Arrow's identity has now been compromised. Thanks to Roy's fake death, everyone believes that the Emerald Archer is no more. Could Al Sah-Him become the new savior of Starling City? Part of me feels like Oliver wouldn't want a constant reminder of what he almost became: Heir to the Demon. But on the other hand, can he really go back to exactly how things were? It seems unlikely. A new name might just be what ends up protecting his continued vigilante lifestyle.

My gut tells me, though, that whatever decision he makes in regards to his new alter ego will come to fruition during the Season 3 finale. Because after that he might have bigger fish to fry… perhaps in the form of H.I.V.E. and Damien Dark.

Images: Dean Buscher/The CW; Cate Cameron/The CW; thecwarrow/Tumblr