Woman Says Uber Driver Sent Her A Love Letter And Flowers, And It's All Kinds Of Creepy And Uncalled For — PHOTO

We already know Uber drivers have a history of allegedly sexually harassing their passengers, leading people to question if the popular service is the safest way to travel. Just in case you needed another reason to rethink using it, though, a Reddit user posted a picture of a woman who, according to her account, got a love letter from her Uber Driver. According to the woman, the letter was given to her friend's sister, who shared it. The letter was accompanied by flowers and, as to be expected, it was super creepy. (Although, to be fair, I guess Uber isn't personally responsible for the creepiness of each individual driver. You can hide creepiness during a job interview.)

To be perfectly honest, though the situation was weird the entire way through (why would you give a total stranger a sappy love letter and flowers?), the beginning of the letter was pretty tame:

Okay, yeah, that's fine. I'm sure some women like that kind of stuff, so let's keep going:

Um, sir, you do not get to decide what a woman will or will not feel. And why exactly are you a better alternative to this drunken idiot frat boy? Moving along:

... What just happened? Why are we quoting Notting Hill now? You couldn't have picked a more relevant movie? What is happening?

Okay, and now here is the part that gets super weird:

That's fair. I'm sure she is. I'm glad he recognizes that.

INEXCUSABLE. Absolutely, unforgivably, inexcusable. Men, take note, you have no right to blatantly sexualize a woman's body like that. It's invasive and degrading and completely uncalled for. Also, it is a total violation of trust on the part of the driver. They are there to get you from point A to B, not to make you feel unsafe or violated.

10 points from this guy in particular, and 50 points from the patriarchy.


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