10 'Pretty Little Liars' Rings Only True Members Of The A Team Deserve To Wear

I realize this might sound a little crazy. A RING to show your love for a teen drama? Pretty Little Liars rings might seem a little *serious* but they're actually a very subtle way to show your PLL love. Way more subtle than say, a t-shirt screaming "BUCKLE UP BITCHES, - A" or a sweatshirt that says "I <3 Ezra." That kind of blatant spewing of affection is for amateurs, and you're way more sophisticated than that. From little Etsy treasures to crazy investment pieces, there's a secret PLL ring market beckoning. The best part about these is that you need to be in on it to understand. PLL lovers will appreciate your references, and everyone else will just think you're great at accessorizing.

After all, though Pretty Little Liars fans may range from barely-tweens to people well out of college viewing the ABC Family mega-hit as a "guilty pleasure," but all of these people have one important thing in common — they are fully committed. Nobody watches Pretty Little Liars casually. In order to fully understand (or try to understand) the layered intricacies, conspiracy theories, and constant dramas of the Rosewood gang, you must pay attention. You must tune in for every episode and follow up those viewings with in-depth discussions, social trolling, and deep contemplation of things like fake deaths and mysterious twins. And what represents commitment more than a ring? These 10 rings are for PLL super fans only, and if you are one, you'll get it.

1. Got A Secret

Shhh... Affirmation Silver Stackable Ring, $30, Etsy

2. The A Team

Alphabet Initial Ring, $18, Jewel Sugar

Maybe your name actually starts with an "A" and you can trick people into thinking you're sporting this delicate initial ring for... that reason.

3. Go Rosewood Sharks!

Handmade Bronze Shark Tooth Stacking Ring, $45, Etsy

This one is a little bit of a stretch, but so pretty! And a little dangerous, like everything that happens in Rosewood.

4. A Is ALWAYS Watching

Shashi Evil Eye Ring, $40, Shopbop

This pretty jewel-encrusted rose gold evil eye will not protect you from A's constant surveillance.

5. Kisses, Bitches

Kiss Rings, $145, Etsy

6. Literal Rosewood

Rosewood Ring With Mother Of Pearl Inlay, $320, Simply Wood Rings

Yes, this is made of actual rosewood. Become one with the woods and their secrets.

7. Never Not Wearing Masks

Reflection Magick Crystal Mask Ring, $14.99, Etsy

Masks are key to PLL mysteries, and nobody is ever who you think they are. This mask is prettier than those creepy white baby masks or Mona's gas mask.

8. Best Bitches

Best Bitches Ring Set, $19.99, Etsy

9. #Haleb #Ezria #ShockingThingThatJustHappened

Hashtag Ring, $259, Etsy

Nobody does a hashtag quite like Pretty Little Liars.

10. The PLL Devotee For Life

Aria Ring, $14,000, Tiffany & Co.

Whether you're seriously the biggest PLL fan of all time or you're just looking to drop 14k on a diamond ring, the Aria band from Tiffany & Co. means business. Nobody will understand from the outside, but you'll know. And that's all that matters.

Images: Courtesy Brands; Giphy