Steal Shay Mitchell's Sweatshirt Style

by Marisa Dalpiaz

Hoodies are definitely a wardrobe staple for Pretty Little Liars' Emily Fields, so it should come as no surprise that it's a staple of Shay Mitchell's, too. If you follow the actress on Instagram, you are probably wondering where to buy Shay Mitchell's "Sleepy" sweatshirt — not only does she looks gorgeous in the photo, but the sweatshirt in question is super cute, too! As it turns out, the sweatshirt was made by Kathryn Rostan who created the brand From Phoenix With Love. The small company started out on Etsy and due to its success, has expanded to its own website. The brand name was inspired by the designer's five-year-old Havanese, Phoenix. How cute!

Shay Mitchell isn't the only one loving sweats lately. Celebrities have been making a strong case for cute sweats in the last year, including the likes of Emma Watson and Kendall Jenner, both of whom have managed to make sweatpants look chic and sexy.

The latest celeb to work the athleisure trend is Shay Mitchell, and her super adorable sweatshirt might be the cutest of them all. It features bold, block letters making the world really know what she's feeling ("Sleepy!"). If you love Shay Mitchell's sweatshirt, you can shop it straight from Phoenix with Love.

In case you want more sweatshirt options (one per day, perhaps?), here are five other cozy alternatives that are just as cute.

1. No Coffee, No Workee

"No Coffee No Workee", $40, From Phoenix with Love

2. Puppies Love Me

"Puppies Love Me" Sweatshirt, $17, Forever 21

3. Locals

"Locals" Sweatshirt", $103, Nordstrom

4. Fries Over Guys

"Fries Over Guys" Sweatshirt, $17, Forever 21

5. Not My Problem

"Not My Problem" Sweatshirt, $23, Nordstrom

Images: Courtesy of Brands