5 Emma Watson-Inspired Ways To Wear Sweatpants

by Hayli Goode

It's no secret that Emma Watson is one elegant, English human. So, when Emma Watson wore sweatpants on a recent flight, she of course found a way to make them look incredibly classy. Refinery29 reports that the actress was spotted at JFK wearing sweatpants, a striped shirt, and a blazer. Which, I'm sorry to say, totally beats Rihanna's travel outfit.

Not only are her speeches eloquent, her social media on point, and her stances on political aspects on the straight and narrow, but her fashion choices, even while flying, are completely envious. Honestly, if Refinery29 hadn't pointed that those were sweatpants, I would have thought they were simply baggy dress pants. Instead, they were Tibi Bibelot Crepe Track Pants. Well played, Watson. Well played.

Summer break is coming up, which, hopefully, means plenty of road trips and plane flights, we all should be happy to take travel outfit hints from Watson's plane style. Here are 5 ways to style sweatpants so people will also mistake your sweats for baggy dress pants. In fact, there's really no reason to wear any other type of pants anymore.

1. The Emma-Style Blazer

Are those printed trousers or sweatpants? The world may never know... This is very similar to Watson's look. Who knew adding a blazer to sweatpants could work so well?

2. The Structured Crop Top

Probably all staples you have in your closet, but combined to create a comfortable, beautiful look.

3. The Flowy Tank

Look like a ballerina just out of training with ballerina sandals, sweats, and a satin shirt. There's no need for extra accessories if you rock a patterned top.

4. The Striped Sweater

Rachel Zoe has all of your disguised sweatpants needs solved. As if she wasn't perfect enough. These pants are indeed of the comfortable variety, but totally look like pants you can wear to work. Add a pop of color with your accessories and no one will guess that you're actually sleeping at your desk.

5. The Cobalt Heels

Heels with sweatpants is the ultimate workday yes. If you have to go directly from the plane to the office, this is the look you need.

Images: Getty, Polyvore