Irishmen: Surprisingly Cool About Beard Tickling

Do you ever experience cuteness compulsions while wondering this crazy globe? I definitely do. Seriously, if you screw up your eyes just so and are at the perfect sweet spot of the sugar rush wave, EVERYONE is adorable, burly, bearded dudes included. So when this guy tickles stranger's beards with zero warning for a prank, I feel that.

Although I feel these urges to physically emote all over these cute people I don't know as they move throughout their days, I typically refrain because that is an invasion of space. That, and anytime I've been touched in an unsolicited way by a rando, I have not felt exactly good about the interaction. It's a violation of personal space and generally charged with some sort of innuendo or threatening feelings—USUALLY. Sometimes it's just funny and cute. Despite the fact it seems this specific YouTuber can be a little cruel in his typical pranking (like to his sleeping friend and also his sleeping girlfriend), he does a great job with the beard-tickling attack efforts. I love the Jaws nod theme music as the tickle-finger approaches an unsuspecting, bearded victim. The reactions have some range, sure, but seriously I'm surprised more of these macho bros don't get more pissed.

Here were a few of his unwitting hairy victims:

This Grumpy Gus

Real talk, though: He was the only one who got mad.

This cutie pie

This little buttercup man

I give this practice a hearty cosign. Should I try this in Atlanta? Would it be as adorable? Let's review the original experiment:

That's it. I'm doing it. Bearded men of Atlanta, here I come.

Images: Getty Images; YouTube (3)