You Don't Have To Worry About Staining This Shirt

Fashion companies are finally recognizing the very real struggle we face of trying to keep our clothes clean. First was the unstainable shirt, which literally repels spills to ensure our white tees actually stay white, and now comes the Dirt Pattern Material shirt, which turns everyday stains into stylish fashion statements. You no longer have to shy away from eating drippy Chipotle burritos for lunch if that's what you're craving.

This so called "dirt pattern" draws inspiration from a variety of the most common daily stains, including red wine, grass, blood, and oil. I'm not sure who gets grass and blood stains on their shirt on a regular basis but hey, never say never. At first glance, the vividly colorful pattern just looks like a unique splatter paint design. With a closer look, however, you can clearly see the outlines of all kinds of spills and stains — and it actually looks really cool!

According to, the idea was to create a camouflage pattern that "doesn't hide the wearer but camouflages their past. The disruptive coloration allows for new stains to be incorporated, continuing the design process and evolving the pattern over time." Basically, you can now spill anything and everything you want on yourself, and it's totally okay because it's all part of your "creative freedom". And the best part is that no one will have a clue that you're wearing half your Starbucks frappuccino on your shirt — genius!

I do recommend washing the shirt at least once a week, though, because wearing fresh food and drink bits on your top is definitely not sanitary.

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