This Proposal Caught On Tape By Police Is Super Sweet, Making Us Wonder If All Proposals Should Be This Stressful — VIDEO

Guys, I can't lie to you: I'm really, like, aggressively over proposal videos. I just can't anymore. I want them out of every single social media feed I have. During the holiday proposal season, I watched some extremely embarrassing proposal videos, and I kind of think it's time we all learned that over the top proposals aren't necessarily romantic. I mean, do you really need a star-studded proposal video to show your grandkids? Probably not. The only reason I'm warming to this one is because this proposal was caught on tape by the police, which I think is kind of bad a$$.

Brief proposal synopsis (consider this the quick viral video guide you need): Once upon a time, two years ago to be exact, a man and woman were pulled over on their first date. I assume it was a bit of a buzz kill, but they don't go into detail. (PS, I'm just drawing inferences from the video description here.) Anyway, now it's two years later and the man wants to propose to this lovely lady. So they get pulled over. The man's pulled out of the car when the police ~surprise!~ find a wedding ring in his pocket. (OMG, shocking.) They bring the woman out of the car and she's just soOoOo confused and then he proposes. See for yourself:

Royal Oak Police Department on YouTube

I love love love that she calls him a d*ck pre-proposal. He did give her quite the scare. It was kind of a d*ck move.

A few rules to follow for a successful viral proposal:

1. Don't dance if you can't actually dance

You are not a Jonas brother. Accept it. And if you are a Jonas brother, well, first, please tweet out this article to your millions of followers so we can all get paid over here, and second, you should be flattered that y'all were the first people that came to mind when considering good dancers. Like, that's pretty shocking.

2. Don't sing if you can't sing

And while you're at it, stop employing other people to sing for you. Money can buy so many other things. Take all the money you're going to spend when you hire Cee Lo Green to sing your proposal, and use it as a down payment on your first house. Use it for a trip to Paris on your 20th anniversary. Use it toward your honeymoon. Send it to me in the mail. Please?

3. Don't pay anyone to film the proposal

Just let it happen, like life washing over you, or something like that. Or hope that there's a junior officer in the back of the squad car with an iPhone 6 and a good angle. Hey, if it's meant to be, it'll happen. Maybe.

4. Let fate make your proposal clickable

If you are getting engaged to guarantee 100k views on your YouTube video then let me just gently tell you that you're getting engaged for the wrong reasons. The police proposal works well because it's first, unique to the couple, and second, has viral potential. But if the viral potential was first priority, it would be less romantic and more problematic.

Also, in celebration of this couple, we couldn't resist pitching this as their wedding song:

KeithUrbanVEVO on YouTube

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