Important Announcement: Sriracha Donuts Exist

Here's a deliciously good love story for you: Once upon a time, a bottle of Sriracha met a fluffy, crispy donut, and the entire world lived happily ever after. This is no fairytale: Harlem-based bakery Jolie Patisserie has invented Sriracha-flavored donuts, and if ever there was a time to celebrate, it's right. freaking. now.

As first reported by DNA Info, this spicy-sweet dream come true has a little bit of everything: the donuts look like your typical breakfast pastries, only bakery owner Moha Orchid gussies up these babies with a smear of sour cream, a sprinkling of almonds, and —you guessed it — a hearty drizzle of the greatest hot sauce of all time. The end result, I assume, tastes a lot like a savory slice of heaven that will probably put tears in your eyes — both from the hot sauce, and from knowing the world is capable of producing such beauty.

Not so much into Sriracha? The bakery also offers up a worldly selection of other made-fresh-daily pastry options: think Austrian danishes and dainty French macarons. But for those of us who not only love the famous rooster sauce but obsess over it, these seem like the ideal way to get Sriracha from Point A (the bottle) to Point B (your mouth). Also, donuts.

I can only imagine that the next step is to, like, fill a donut with Sriracha, but that might be too bold a move for people just looking to whet their palates with a taste of the good stuff (wimps). In the meantime, there are still a number of other ways to work Sriracha into your daily diet — even if you can't make it up to Jolie in Harlem. Here are a few mind-blowing options to hold you over.

1. Strawberry Sriracha Margaritas

Consider Sriracha your new favorite drinking buddy. Add a little kick to your fave drink with this recipe by Domestic Fits.

2. Sriracha Beer

Think Micheladas, only even more satisfying. A million thanks to The Kitchn for dreaming this one up.

3. Sriracha Pizza

To have with your Sriracha beer, obviously. The Little Leopard Book has you covered on this front.

4. Sriracha Potato Chips

This idea by How Sweet It Is counts as definitive proof that even flawless foods can always be improved upon.

Oh, and in case you're still skeptical about Sriracha's compatibility with the baked goods world, just know that Tim Hortons already devised a buffalo crunch donut, and no one even died.

See these super star donuts in action here.

Image: Steven Depolo/Flickr; Giphy; Domestic Fits; The Kitchn; Little Leopard Book; How Sweet It