Jax Shows Off Her Sweet and Edgy Sides in the 'American Idol' Top 4 — Proving She Will Win This Competition

There has been only one contestant to be a consistent favorite on this season of American Idol — and that's Jax, 19. Tonight she proved why. As the only female contestant left in this game, Jax got on stage and slayed both of her performances. She chose to show both sides of her talent — the sweet and the edgy. The one that stood out, though, was her beautiful rendition of "My Immortal" by Evanescence. She chose to approach it in a more gentle, quiet way than the original, and it totally worked. It was a touching dedication to her hometown, East Brunswick, NJ, and showed the emotional side of her that we're not used to. This performance proved why she's gotten this far in the game — and has locked in her win.

Jax spent a big part of this game showing off her edgy, rock side. But it was her softer side that got her in this game, and she's finally brought it back over the past few weeks. Jax is very much like Lady Gaga in the fact that she can be weird and rock out but then sit down at the piano and sing some of the sweetest music you've ever heard. Her performances tonight demonstrated this unique talent flawlessly. She rocked out to The Who's "My Generation" — and it was completely awesome and edgy and everything we've come to expect from her. And then she chose something so different in "My Immortal" and blew the judges away with her intimate approach to a normally big song. It was an amazing showing of her versatility — and will help her win this game.

It's pretty impressive to think that Jax has been favored to win this thing since her initial audition. She's gained an incredibly dedicated following in the "Jax Pack" which has helped her gain momentum, but it's definitely her voice that keeps her coming back every week. Jax has one of the purest and most versatile talents of this season. She's also managed to differentiate herself from the competition with her unique tone and killer stage presence. As long as she doesn't make any major mistakes in the final days — seriously, she would have to forget the lyrics to the entire song and stand silent onstage to really mess things up — the title is hers for the taking.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX