It's The 11th Anniversary Of The 'Friends' Finale, So Let's Revisit Rachel Green's Airport Style From The Last Episode

It's a good thing she got off the plane. She's everyone's favorite TV fashionista, but Rachel Green's airport style in the Friends finale was definitely not the right choice for a trans-Atlantic flight to Paris. Was it trendy? Absolutely, for 2004 and for 2015. But it definitely didn't look like a comfortable way to spend an eight hour plane ride.

We saw quite a bit of this outfit throughout The Last One, which aired 11 years ago today (!!!). Naturally, it was very French. A fitted black skirt, knee-high boots, and a sleeveless black sweater layered over a white tee created the ultimate minimalist chic look that's as timeless as the episode itself. However, I have some concerns: wouldn't her legs be cold? Where's her sweater? Aren't those boots going to be uncomfortable to have on for that long?

When it comes to plane outfits, I am unapologetically comfortable for any flight lasting more than four hours. The thought of wearing jeans is horrifying to me, and although I've never stooped to the point of wearing actual pajamas, I have never been more grateful for yoga pants than on a 14-hour direct flight from Frankfurt to Denver. The idea of wearing a skirt on a red-eye? HA.

That said, I do love this outfit, and I'm definitely considering the things I have in my closet that I can recreate it with. And it does make for awesome airport style. But this one's probably better reserved for a quick trip (or just a dinner out with the girls.)

Let's not lose sight of the most important thing here, though: she got off the plane.

Image: Warner Bros.; Phayv4/Twitter