Anna Wintour On 'Late Night With Seth Meyers' Demonstrates Her Comedic Prowess (And Yes, She Loves To Laugh)

The Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, and thus the dictator of the fashion world, isn't exactly known for her warm and friendly demeanor, which is exactly what makes Anna Wintour's new sketch on Late Night with Seth Meyers so mind-blowingly amazing. Meyers and Wintour have long had a surprisingly chummy relationship. Not only has Meyers appeared within the pages of Vogue numerous times, but he also hosted the 2012 CFDA/Vogue Awards, and even interviewed Anna on Late Night following the 2014 Met Gala. He also happens to employ her daughter, Bee Shaffer, which has surely fostered more than a little bit of good will between the two.

Though she may come off as a little cold, the EIC actually has a remarkably good sense of humor, even when it comes to herself and her larger-than-life, Devil Wears Prada-esque persona. In this new comedy sketch, Meyers posits that it's actually Wintour, a "comedy icon," who is behind every important decision made both at his show and in the last forty years of comedy history. As with the fashion editorials that run in Vogue, Wintour is supposedly responsible for personally approving every joke told, delivering her trademark brusque critiques, and crushing the spirit of comedy writers around her in hopes of encouraging them to give their absolute best.

Wintour's sheer presence is even enough to enact a significant wardrobe upgrade in the writer's room, where Meyers' employees begin showing up to work in tuxedos and ball gowns. Check out our seven favorite moments from the video to have your entire opinion about the editrix irrevocably changed forever.

1. Seth Patiently Waiting for Anna's Approval

He tries to prove he's the boss only to be curtly told by Anna to get out.

2. Anna Dishes Out the Critiques

And Seth ruefully admits she's right about everything.

3. The Writers Try to Impress Anna in Full Black Tie

She appropriately tells them they all look like idiots.

4. Anna Makes the Tough Calls

When it comes down to comedy acumen, only Wintour can make such difficult decisions as chicken versus spaceman (Spaceman wins every time).

5. She's Responsible for Every Great Comedy Moment in History

For example, did you know she directed Animal House? Living. Comedy. Legend.

6. Seth Breaks Down in Tears

Anna catches him and, as she would with any of the thousands she's made cry before him, tells him to pull himself together. He's a grown man, after all.

7. Anna Loves to Laugh

But, no, seriously. She does.

Watch the hilarious sketch below.

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