Mark-Paul Gosselaar Will Star On 'People Are Talking' As A Dad & Here's How Zack Morris Would Be As A Father — PHOTOS

It has been 21 years since Saved by the Bell ended — yes, I'm counting The College Years — and even though Mark-Paul Gosselaar (a.k.a. Zack Morris) has been on TV since as a lawyer on TNT's Franklin & Bash, his next role sounds more up my alley. In new NBC comedy People Are Talking , which was just picked up for the fall season, Gosselaar plays an outspoken dad whose family is best friends with their next-door neighbors. That doesn't sound like a riveting plot, but wait until you find out what they talk about. Here's the synopsis:

"The series follows two diverse couples who are neighbors and best friends. As they go through life side-by-side, they can’t help but analyze and obsess about everything. Whether it's sex and race or the fact that the trusted new babysitter might be a porn star, nothing is out of bounds for this wildly outspoken foursome."

Gosselaar is already a dad to four kids, so life imitates art a bit. But I like to think of this show as him playing a grown-up Zack Morris who settles down with kids while still being goofy, a little crazy, and adventurous. So, what would Zack be like as a dad? Let classic Saved by the Bell GIFs explain.

Music Would Be A Big Part Of His Kids' Life

Rockin' lullabies, anyone?

And He Dreamed Of Having Kids Forever

That means he appreciates them that much more.

He's An Expert At Giving Them Time Outs

Punishing them to go to the corner is basically nostalgia for him.

He's Helpful... Except With Homework

Someone didn't study enough to have helpful tips.

But He's There To Assist With Tough Situations

You can tell him anything.

He Turns The Other Cheek Sometimes

Because he was rebellious as a kid, obviously.

He Loves Taking Away Phones So He Can Play With Them

Technology has really changed.

And He Applauds Himself For Being Such A Great Dad

Hopefully with Slater as his next-door neighbor.

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