Willow Smith's "F Q-C #7" Video Is Way, Way Different From "Whip My Hair" — VIDEOS

Who else is totally digging Willow Smith's new video for "F Q-C #7"? Sticking to her formula, the simple visuals paired with her latest song play up her eccentricity with artsy face paint, simple wardrobe, a digitally crafted one-woman band, and a few scenes in which she displays her love for nature. As much as I’m into this video, I can’t be the only one experiencing a slight degree of envy, bitter regret, and amazement all rolled into one. Like, how can a 14-year-old be this self-aware and intuitive?

Anyway, even if no one else can, Smith is probably able to make sense of all those complicated emotions, but somehow I cannot, and because of that, I weep. Something else that makes me shed silent tears is realizing that this seemingly mature, self-centered teen is a mere shadow of the sassy 10-year-old who rocked her first video for “Whip My Hair,” which was and still is my jam. While her brother Jaden’s busy making major statements of his own like wearing a dress to Coachella and deleting his Twitter account, the younger Smith sibling has completely transformed and the drastic differences between the “Whip My Hair” video and “F Q-C #7” emphasizes Smith’s creative growth spurt over the past few years.

"Whip My Hair" Was Considerably More Elaborate

From the hair to the styling, everything about the "Whip My Hair" video was eye-catching.

"F Q-C #7" Features a More Laid-Back Willow

Smith's face paint and pared-down outfit make for a much simpler form of self-expression.

"Whip My Hair" Featured Some Serious Choreography

Warning: Incessant hair-whipping may cause severe neck trauma.

The "F Q-C #7" Choreography Is Less Structured

Ironically enough, Smith's karate-inspired moves seem way less dangerous.

"Whip My Hair" Featured Background Dancers

When it comes to a group hair-whipping frenzy, the more the merrier, right?

"F Q-C #7" Is a One-Woman Show

Smith can command attention even when she's solo.

"Whip My Hair" Was Smize-Worthy

Back then, she was so freakin' adorable.

"F Q-C #7" Willow Is Visibly More Serious...

About her artistry, that is. Clearly, the new Willow Smith is in major beast mode.

Here are both full videos:

"Whip My Hair"

WillowSmithVEVO on YouTube

"F Q-C #7"

Images: willowsmithVEVO/YouTube (8)