Khloe Kardashian Goes Even Blonder, Just In Time For Summer

I'm not usually a fan of brunettes transitioning to blonde, but Khloe Kardashian's extra blonde hair is truly something that I can't get enough of. When the middle sister started her transition to a lighter hue, I was intrigued, but not in love. Lucky for me, the newest shade is golden, warm, and everything I could ever want for her.

A lot of people I meet don't share the same love that I have for Khloe. The always sassy sister says is unafraid to say what she thinks, and I love that. After adopting a healthier lifestyle over the last year, Kardashian transformed herself into a new woman, so it seems natural that she wanted to update her look. If you saw Kardashian today and had no idea what she looked like before, you might not even believe she was born with dark, brunette locks.

What I love most is that she started edging up the brightness, in an almost natural way. Instead of going straight from dark to light, she did it in phases. Starting with a little change, and then a little more, and now this — which took her five hours in the salon, by the way. But my question is, will it go lighter?

It makes me wonder: is this connected with Kim's recent change to blonde, and then back again? Or it it just because summer is right around the corner? So many Kardashian questions, so little answers.