Calvin Klein Replaced Kendall Jenner's Billboard Ad In SoHo After a Graffiti Drone Tagged It

Earlier this month, Kendall Jenner’s Calvin Klein billboard in SoHo, Manhattan was tagged by a graffiti drone. This week, Calvin Klein replaced their Kendall Jenner ad with a clean, new one. Jenner posted an Instagram of her new billboard picture with just a simple caption saying, “what drone? *winking tongue-out emoji* #soho.”

It’s great to see Jenner’s positive attitude towards her billboard getting tagged, but with flying drones now amongst us, how many companies are going to have to constantly replace their billboards? Will someone invent a spray paint repellant that’ll prevent billboards from getting tagged? Will the police be equipped with flying drones that will set out to catch these flying graffiti artists? Who knows.

It’s difficult to realize how much of a technologically-advanced world we’re living in when it is just so highly integrated into our daily lives as is, but just as a friendly reality check — we’re living in a world where we can 3D print a dress and, now, even graffiti high-up there billboards. That means a graffiti artist’s canvas has no limitations. The sky is the limit...literally. This means skyscrapers, tress, and perhaps even airplanes can all be potential canvases for street artists.

Graffiti mastermind, KATSU created the open-sourced drone that others can easily program and develop further in order to make an even better graffiti drone. Some may consider graffiti as vandalism, but personally, I think it's an art. It adds so much character to a city so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing sick tags and dope pieces of art done by well-renown graffiti artists and their drones. Don't get me wrong though, I love ya, Kendall. It's just sometimes, a little art is pretty nice.

Images: resourcemag/Instagram, kendalljenner/Instagram