"Wanna Partner?" Means 'The Good Wife' May Finally Make Finn & Alicia The Ultimate Team

It's both the best and worst day of the year, because the season finale of The Good Wife airs on CBS. On one hand, that means fans can look forward to a very intense final episode, but on the other, it also means Season 6 is over and we'll be stuck watching re-runs all summer (not that watching our favorite Will Gardner episodes is all that bad). The Good Wife Season 6 finale title, "Wanna Partner?," gives away major clues about the plot, which should pick up where we left off: with Alicia popping the big question to Finn: "Will you be my law partner?" The answer to that little question will pretty much shape the entire next season, and I'm really hoping it's "yes." Florrick/Polmar has a nice ring to it, right?

Let's talk for a moment about what is going to happen on the finale. We know that Finn is going to take some time to think about Alicia's question, since it's kind of a giant deal. The episode preview also hints that someone unexpected will show up at Alicia's front door. I think that this point we should be expecting Kalinda. Executive producer Robert King promised viewers that all of our lingering Kalinda questions will be answered in the finale when he told Entertainment Weekly about the Season 6 finale, "yes. We will see her." Since Kalinda's possible return and the partner question are the two major things at play in the finale, I don't think we should be worried about any other crazy plot twists.

So will Finn agree to partner up with Alicia and give "Wanna Partner?" a very positive answer? Here are six reasons why he definitely should.

It Would Make Room For A Steamy Office Romance

Am I the only one still 'shipping Alicia and Finn? If it's anything like her romance with Will was, then we are in for a great seventh season. Julianna Margulies is the queen of office romance scenes and I need to see more of that — especially with Matthew Goode.

They Would Be A Dream Team

We've seen Alicia and Finn work together before and they make a great team. As much as I'm rooting for an office romance, a simple platonic, working relationship between them would still make for an amazing dynamic.

More Firm Competition

The Good Wife's best episodes come when there's competition between the firms. I hate that Cary and Alicia are on opposite sides now, because I love Cary, but in order for the show to remain interesting, there needs to be an opposing firm. Who knows, maybe Louis Canning will join Alicia and Finn too.

We'll Get To Know Finn Better

Currently, we don't know too much about Finn besides the fact that he's absolutely gorgeous and a pretty good lawyer (though he's no Will). If he says yes, it will finally give him real purpose on the show. He's going to have a leading role if he says yes and you know what? We all need more Goode in our lives.

Alicia & Finn Will Finally Be On The Same Team

I love when my favorite characters are all on the same team. Yes, it will be hard to watch them go up against Cary and Diane, but seeing Finn and Alicia work together to beat Louis Canning, or even better, David Lee, would make it all worth it.

We Need Alicia Back In Court

I know that sometimes the plot needs to change to keep things interesting, but the best part of The Good Wife is watching Alicia Florrick take someone down in court. If Finn says yes, then we can finally get her back in court full-time.

Actually, no matter what Finn says to the big "Wanna Partner?" question, as long as Alicia ends up kicking butt in a courtroom again, I'll be happy with The Good Wife. We like Alicia best when she's defending!

Images: David M. Russell/CBS; Fedeccino, Rougewine/Tumblr; Wifflegif