Zac Posen-Designed Ecco Domani Wine Bottle Is So Pretty You'll Want To Repurpose It These 5 Ways

If you can't afford a Zac Posen original, well, you can at the very least substitute. The Zac Posen-designed Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio wine bottle is now available and it's gorgeous, in addition to setting you back a mere $14. That's much less than a Zac Posen gown, like that starry sky dress that the newly-bobbed Katie Holmes wore to the Met Gala earlier this week.

The bottle is so pretty that you will want to repurpose rather than recycle it, and that's just what I am going to do after I pick up a bottle or two this weekend.

The bottle, available through summer, finds Posen taking his inspo from the floral character of the vino itself. It boasts a graphic, flower-splashed Kiko print that we saw in a Posen collection. The design is so full of life and indicative of spring.

"As a designer who loves to cook and entertain, I wanted to incorporate the fresh, bright floral qualities of the wine in a playful way that would look pretty on the table," Posen, who is also designing flight attendant uniforms for Delta, said in a press release.

He continued, "I loved the idea of refreshing a classic print for a light, carefree look that is meant to be both timeless and whimsical — the perfect accessory for a summer table." Ooooooh!

But once you toss back this tasty bevvie after a dinner party or after winding down from a long, stressful day at work, don't throw the bottle in the recycle bin! I'm not advocating throwing it out; I am suggesting you find another way to use it.

These are my five suggestions.

1. Centerpiece It

Add a little high fashion to any kitchen table as a centerpiece. Put a candlestick in it, perhaps?

2. Vanity Fair

Stick a single, long-stemmed, dried flower in the bottle and situate it on your bathroom vanity next to your makeup brushes, adding a vintage, chic, and decorative touch to the space. Even put it on your toilet tank. Pretty up the place, will ya?

3. Necklace Stand

Why not wrap strands of necklaces around it for simple and visually appealing "storage?" You want to be careful so as not to stress the chains and be delicate about positioning, so it's not knocked over by the cat. But you can get creative with the small space you have to work with in terms of the bottle's neck.

4. How About A Bangle Holder?

Hmmm, how about stack bangles on the neck? Again, you might have to finagle or add an appendage of some sort, but I have seen my artsy and craftsy friends with mad know how come up with things like this.

5. Basic Shelf Decor

You know, the bottle is pretty enough to stand on its own as just a visual without a secondary or storage purpose. You can position three on a shelf and they'll grab the eye every time.

While I advocate recycling glass after use, this is one case where I'm going to suggest keeping the bottle around. Because duh. It's Zac Posen.

Images: eccodomani/Instagram, PR Newswire (2); Giphy (5)