11 Signs You're Clearly The Favorite Child

Sometimes, siblings can be a blessing — a built-in best friend, a way to learn how to interact with others, and if they're older, a great resource to pave the way towards your own personal journey to adulthood. And while you love your siblings, and you assume your parents do too, there's no denying that you are the favorite child in the family. I mean — it's not something that gets said out loud. After all, parents aren't supposed to have favorite children, they're supposed to love you equally! At least, that's the nonsense they're always spouting out when their motives are challenged.

And yet, the hints that you might be the favorite are far from subtle. It seems like your parents never had a problem with your preferred curfew, but your sister was another story. She probably broke their trust once, and that was that. She was deemed the wild child, the hellraiser, the unpredictable monster who'd probably drop out of high school and head straight to Maury Povich. If something broke in your house? It was your sister's fault. Is the Internet out? She probably did something to break it, again. Even though she didn't even live in the house at the time, she still found a way to take your dad away from his precious eBay auctions for a full night.

This can, definitely, lead to a lot of problems and sore relationships in adulthood. While you might not be the greatest resource to mend the relationship, you should definitely stand up for your sister or brother who doesn't get the same amount of attention you're getting. In fact, you're getting too much attention. It's annoying, actually.

If you're not sure if you're the favorite, here are a few telltale signs.

1. Your sister had to beg to get her ears pierced. You got yours pierced randomly, with your mom, when you were way younger.

Maybe they just didn't think she could handle outer ear infections the way you could. You felt bad, but you were also secretly overjoyed that you could finally shop at Claire's for the cool stuff, and not just the headbands and rings that discolored your fingers.

2. Your parents ask you for advice.

For some reason, they've pegged you as the young adult who really has all her ducks in a row. Even though you feel kind of weird, you offer up all of the canned advice you can. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

3. Your childhood trophies are still on display back at home.

I mean, you won a soccer tournament when you were nine. That was like, a billion years ago. It shouldn't still be displayed on the mantle. Get over it, Mom and Dad.

4. Your siblings are weirdly distant towards you.

If they told you something confidential, you'd probably tell Mom and Dad. They just never saw you as being on their level. It hurts, but it's so tough to prove to them that you're not necessarily tied at the hip with your parents.

5. Your parents have no problem spending the holidays at your place, but never suggest spending them at your sibling's place.

You know they feel more comfortable at your house, since they visit all the time. But as for your brother, he has an apartment that they saw on move-in day, but never went back to because he might have a roommate or something, and there's always a weird smell, and they definitely don't want to intrude in his personal life. One of those.

6. You're too worried to get a tattoo, because... what would Mom think?

You still feel like decorating yourself in a way that makes you happy will break your mom's heart, especially since you're fully aware of her personal tattoo policy. If she saw even a tiny little heart on your ankle, she'd probably lock herself in a room for days and question her parenting. I mean, she's told you time and time again how she "doesn't understand how your generation can do that to themselves!" If your brothers did it, that's one thing... but you?

7. You've heard your mom trash talk your sister while on the phone with you.

"I just (long sigh) don't understand her life anymore," she laments. "I just don't understand her priorities." These kinds of awkward conversations prove that your mom pretty much views you as her equal, in terms of making adult decisions and great life choices. Typically you just want to stay out of it, but you listen to your mom vent anyway because you're just that nice.

8. Your parents ask you out for coffee, but never ask your siblings.

Your mom just didn't think to invite them, or claimed they "were probably busy," but you can see past the excuses. Your mom wanted time to bond with a daughter, and you were the first person who came to mind.

9. Your parents slip you cash every time you visit.

You've never outwardly asked them for the money, but they insist that you take a twenty and do something nice for yourself. You're not going to fight them on it, but you do feel a pang of guilt.

10. Your birthday is your mom's password — for everything.

Regardless of the birth order, your date is the lucky date that'll allow her to check her e-mail and get cash at the ATM. "You should vary passwords for security," you warn her. "Maybe another kid's birthday?" Your mom retorts by saying that it's just easier for her to remember "just the one."

11. They embrace your new boyfriend with loving arms.

They trust your taste in guys, and know that you'd only bring the best of the best to meet the parents. Soon after, your mom will pull you aside and tell you that her jewelry is up for grabs to wear for your wedding. Even after telling her it's way too soon, she'll be secretly compiling a list of old work buddies and neighbors who'll have to be invited to, as she'll call it, the "event of the century."

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