The 15 TV Theories Everyone Got Wrong (Sorry 'Breaking Bad' Fans)

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This year, 2013, was a big year for TV, between the ending of Breaking Bad , the Red Wedding on Game of Thrones , and the who-saw-that-coming Emmy Awards. (Really, Jeff Daniels?!) There was Kerry Washington breaking barriers every week on Scandal , AMC gaining a ridiculous number of viewers with the premiere of The Walking Dead, Matt Damon's long-awaited takeover of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the end of 30 Rock, the time that Time Warner Cable got mad at CBS and wouldn't let us watch Big Brother for a month... the list goes on and on. Yes, 2013 saw some major television drama, and, to accompany it, so, so many fan theories.

In the age of live-tweeting and instant replay, TV viewers have more opportunities than ever to critique, analyze, and predict what's happening on the shows they love dearly (or, in some cases, love to hate-watch). And this means they have no shortage of theories, about everything from the protagonist's fate to the symbolism of the color a character's t-shirt. Whether it was in regard to Breaking Bad, Homeland, or other highly-disputed shows, 2013 had TV fans theorizing like crazy. Here are the 10 top theories that TV fans got wrong this year. (Spoilers, obviously.)

Image: AMC

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