Kylie Jenner Wore Justin Bieber's Met Ball Jacket, So Who Wore It Better?

Strap on your thinking caps, kids, because we're about to broach one of those perennially difficult existential questions. In a recent snap posted to Instagram, Kylie Jenner wore Justin Bieber's Met Ball jacket. This forces us to ask the question that has stumped theologians and philosophers for millennia: Which celebrity wore it better?

Last week, you may have caught the Biebz wearing a black Balmain smoking jacket embellished with a gold dragon appliqué on the red carpet for the opening of China: Through The Looking Glass, the Metropolitan Museum's newest Costume Institute exhibit. As Olivier Rouseting revealed in a red carpet interview, the jacket took a month to make, so you'd think that they'd stop at one. Mere days later, K-Jenz shared a mirror selfie in which she was clad in the very same Balmain couture jacket. Come to think of it, she was kind of wearing virtually the same outfit as the Biebz — the black shirt, the shades, the air of fashionable disaffection.

Jenner preempted any accusations of thievery by saying in the photo's caption, "lol no I didn't steal the jacket from Justin." But far be it from me to judge anyone for borrowing a piece of clothing from a friend without actually asking to do so. We've all dabbled in the "soft borrow."

Let's break it down. As far as we can see, Kylie is doing the all-black look with a statement jacket. Then again, by the nature of this photo, what she is wearing on her bottom half is inconclusive. We can confirm, however, that she accessorized the look with a pair of wayfarers, and her Mom. OK. That's a formidable effort. Let's move on to Justin.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The look is pretty much the same, but instead of classic Ray Bans, the Biebs opted instead for a pair of horn-rimmed shades. Unlike Kylie, he did plenty of object work with his shades, like so.


This one is almost too close to call, but I would say that Justin Bieber wins by default. Unlike Kylie, we can see his entire outfit. Jenner, however, does get honorable mention for notable execution of menswear as womenswear.

Image: Kylie Jenner/Instagram; Getty Images (2)