Is NBC's ' 'Heartbreaker' Trying to Be 'Grey's'?

Even fans of Grey's Anatomy know the show has reached its twilight years. Set to enter Season 12 in Fall 2015 with its original cast-members steadily dwindling, Shonda Rhimes' soapy medical juggernaut may not last much longer. Like sharks smelling the blood of a genre just waiting to be reinvigorated, the networks have loaded up on medical dramas for next season, and one looks especially ready to step into Grey's Anatomy's scrubs — NBC's Heartbreaker.

Starring Melissa George (who previously played Grey's Anatomy's Sadie), Heartbreaker — set to air Tuesdays this Fall — is based on the accomplishments of real life heart-transplant surgeon Dr. Kathy Magliato. But don't expect the series to be autobiographical. George plays Dr. Alex Panttiere, a character NBC describes as being a leader in her field with a particularly "racy" personal life. Remind you of anyone? However, unlike Meredith Grey, who we first met as an ambitious intern, Alex is already at the top of her field and running things her way when Heartbreak begins. It's her personal life that is bumpy. Dave Annable is clearly her McDreamy... or maybe it's the older doctor with the gorgeous hair (Don Hany) who Alex pointedly informs, "I'm not your protégé, and you are not my mentor."

One thing the trailer makes very clear is that it is taking its inspiration from the strong, female leads who have populated Grey's for the past decade. Let's take a look at the most shamelessly Grey's inspired moments in the Heartbreaker trailer and see how the preview measures up.

Alex Schools The Male Staff

Alex has a total Bailey moment at the top of the trailer when she tells a group of condescending men she likes "the sound of cracking a patient's chest open like a lobster." It's an awesome shutdown. What's concerning is, unlike Grey's, there does not seem to be an abundance of prominent female doctors on this show. Instead Heartbreaker is really playing up how unique it is to be a female heart-transplant surgeon, and Alex is forced to prove she is one of the guys in order to earn their respect.

She Leads The Interns Like A Pro

The scene where Alex talks to a group of eager young interns is so old school Grey's it hurts. There is no way of knowing how integral these fledgling doctors will be to the plot, but if they play a major role, Heartbreaker will be one step closer to giving us those familiar Grey's feels.

Dave Annable Gets Dreamy To Woo Alex

The most shamelessly Grey's moment of them all goes to Annable's Dr. Pierce professing his love for Alex while the duo is all decked out for a black tie event. Flashbacks to the season two prom episode of Grey's are inevitable. Interestingly, there is a bit of a role reversal as Annable's Pierce seems to be the one doing most of the pursing in the relationship. Does that make Alex the McDreamy? There is also wildcard in Haney's Dr. Jesse. There is definitely something going on between Alex her not mentor.

So Much Drama

Surgeries! Blood-splatter! Rule breaking! Yes, it's all super derivative, but it's kind of enticing at the same time. I know I would totally go back to the beginning of Grey's before all the marriages, babies, deaths, and crazy disasters if I could, but lacking a time machine, Heartbreak might just be the next best thing.

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