7 Things From The 'Grey's Anatomy' Pilot You Definitely Didn't Notice, Like Alex Karev Being Totally MIA

I absolutely can’t believe that’s it been 10 years since the series premiere of Grey’s Anatomy . It seems like just yesterday I watched Kyle Chandler explode into pink mist (that was Season 2, but still). To honor our nostalgia-hungry (and believe me, I’m totally a part of it) culture, ABC is airing the pilot of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday night before the new episode. Of course, I decided to re-watch the first episode of Grey’s Anatomy and give it a second look with older, sager eyes. Unfortunately for the bags under said eyes, one episode turned into two, into three, into me watching half the first season and losing a night of sleep, but that’s a story for another time.

Can we just pull over for a second and talk about how embarrassing the opening credit sequence used to be? The IV fluid dripping into the martini glass, the playing footsie in the hospital bed — it gives me the willies every time I see it. I’m so glad that Shonda Rhimes and company did away with it fairly early in the series’ run.

So, what did I notice while watching the Grey’s Anatomy pilot? Besides the fact that everyone is so fresh-faced (I mean, it has been a decade and people do age, but still), the show still feels very much the same. A lot of shows have their pilot and then they get their footing in the midst of the first (or even second) season, but Grey's Anatomy hit the ground running and didn’t look back. It really shows what an amazing showrunner and creator Rhimes is: her voice is just that strong.

Here's what else I discovered.

Patrick Dempsey Is So Cute

I mean, he’s still cute now, but like hot dad cute. Grey’s pilot Patrick Dempsey is a bonafide babe. That hair! Those eyes! His “good-looking” red shirt. I would have taken him home, as well, no questions asked. Also, Derek’s “it’s a beautiful night to save lives” tagline is in the first ep.

The Soundtrack Is Totally 2005

The first song played in the episode is “Portions For Foxes” by Rilo Kiley, and although I’m a big fan of Jenny Lewis’ solo career, it makes me miss her old band. Also in the episode is “They” by Jem — a song played in every show in the 2005/2006 season, and “Life Is Short” by Butterfly Boucher, a tune that I screamed very loudly in my car that same year. No judgment zone.

Alex Karev Is Missing

It’s a known fact that Alex Karev wasn’t originally a character on Grey’s , but the writers added him to have a sort of male foil to George’s character. Once you know this, you can’t unsee it in the pilot. Justin Chambers was added digitally to the pilot after it was shot, and it’s so obvious: He just sort of appears.

George Is The Most Embarrassing Person Ever

The dad jokes, the almost literal drooling on Meredith, the promising a family that their patriarch won’t die? George, you have one job, and you can barely do that. He can’t operate, he can’t administer an IV, and he just can’t. And neither can I watching him.

There Are A Ton Of Random Doctors

I get that there are other doctors in a hospital besides the surgeons, but there seem to be a lot of intern extras in the pilot. The locker room was filled with a swarm of interns, but now, we’re lucky if there are four people in there at one time. During the lunch scene in which Cristina tells everyone that Meredith is Ellis Grey’s daughter, there are just three random doctor dudes sitting with them. Who are they? Where did they go? Did they fall out of the program?

The Guest Star Is A Real Bratz

The medical case of the episode is Katie Bryce, a pageant queen who turns out to have a burst aneurysm. She is played by actress Skyler Shaye, who starred in the 2007 movie, Bratz . Yes, it’s a movie based on the line of dolls.

Cristina & Meredith Were Instant Friends

Though there’s a bump in the road (the whole “I slept with Derek and got a surgery and you’re mad” thing) in the first episode, Cristina and Meredith are already best pals, and I like that. There’s no women-against-women competition in Rhimes’ world: It’s just camaraderie. Not that there’s no room for conflict — there certainly is, just like real life — but it’s so much deeper than the typical portrayal of a lady-to-lady relationship.

Like many people, I love a good walk down memory lane. Grey’s Anatomy is a benchmark show in terms of American culture, and it’s interesting to see the changes that have taken place from Season 1 to now. Luckily for us, one thing hasn’t changed: Dempsey is still totally hot.

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