This 'Southern Charm' Star's GF Holds Her Own

Call me crazy, but my favorite parts of Southern Charm are some of the smaller supporting characters, like Whitney's mother Patricia Altschul. Naturally, I've taken note when Whitney Sudler-Smith's girlfriend, Larissa Marolt has appeared on her BF's reality show a few times, as she's seemed incredibly cool every single time. She's a tall, blonde European, so she's got coolness built into her DNA, but she's also got an eclectic career and a great sense of humor that helps keep the relationship alive, too, which only makes her seem even more awesome. It's actually pretty cool of her to even go out with Whitney, let alone to show up on his Bravo reality show. She's a major celebrity overseas could absolutely meet someone in Austria or Germany, but she fell in love with this dorky Southern gentleman... and they seem extremely happy together.

Even though Whitney always tries to act like he's too cool for school, with his sunglasses and loft apartment, the real cool one in this relationship is definitely Larissa — she's accomplished so much for her early 20s. And one of the reasons she might be so comfortable in front of the Southern Charm cameras is that she's been on multiple German and Austrian reality shows (more on that below). And even though she was wildly successful across the Atlantic, she's now making a bid for American stardom. And given how quickly the rest of her career has moved, she'll probably win an Oscar or something by 2017. Whitney is a lucky guy.

1. She's A Top Model Winner

When she was still a teenager, Marolt won Austria's Next Top Model . I don't speak German, but it sure looks like Larissa impresses the judges' panel right away, making them laugh and pulling off a very strange floppy hat hat.

2. And She Starred On A Second Top Model Franchise

Even after Marolt won Austria's Next Top Model and got the big prize, she decided to go back for round two on Germany's Next Top Model... but sadly she wasn't able to win. Also, fun fact: "Larissa Marolt ist nicht zickig" means "Larissa is not bitchy."

3. She Then Actually Became A Successful Model

Sean Gallup/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even though a good deal of the post-Top Model American contestants had trouble breaking through to mainstream careers. But Marolt's reality TV experience didn't do a damn thing to impede her success. On her website, you can see a long list of her credits, which include magazine covers and runway shows.

4. She's Got The Best Lazy-Girl Style

Simon Hofmann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Larissa can glam it up when she needs to, but I love her casual paparazzi-photo style. She can rock the hell out of a pair of black boots and a sloppy ponytail.

5. She's Not As Corny As Whitney, But She Does Have A Great Sense Of Humor

Whitney clearly loves to laugh, but some of his sense of humor is kind of suspect — like his "Raise the Roof" idea for Thomas' campaign. But Marolt is just plain goofy.

6. She Returned To Reality TV Again As A Superstar

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After her Top Model twosome, Larissa also starred on a celebrity Survivor -type show, as well as a German celebrity dance competition, pictured above, called Let's Dance .

7. Whitney's Comfortable With Her Success

That's more to his credit than hers, but I do think it's cool that she expects him to have no problem with her career, and they've traveled all over the world for her various projects. He's not insecure, but neither is she!

8. In Germany And Austria, Whitney's More Famous Than Her Boyfriend

And because of Larissa's crazy success, her love life gets as much attention over there as Kim Kardashian's here. So I guess that makes Whitney the Kanye West of Austria? Not sure about that, but the paparazzi seem to love them.

9. She's Getting Into Acting

And, perfectly in character for Larissa, she documented her travels to New York to study at the Lee Strausburg Institute on reality TV.

10. And Already, She's A ROMY-Winner

The ROMYs are an audience-determined television award, which Larissa took home in 2014. And Whitney attended the ceremony with her. Awww.

11. She Has The Patricia Seal Of Approval

It's not easy to win over Whitney's mom, because that Southern Charm Southern Belle has a strong set of opinions. But she's even said she wishes that Whitney and Larissa would settle down. And I agree with her — Whitney probably shouldn't sleep on this one.

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