9 Choker Necklaces That Will Make Every '90s Baby Nostalgic For The Days Of Pre-Teen Angst

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Spring 2015 is choker season with many different on trend chokers flooding the spring/summer runways. A fashion favorite at the moment is the tattoo choker, which goes hand-in-hand with the '90s trend that has a very 10 Things I Hate About You or Sabrina the Teenage Witch vibe.

Chokers give off an edgy, elegant, or vampy feel depending on the type of choker and how you wear it. The best thing about the choker is there are so many different variations out there and it is such a versatile accessory. From embellished chokers to floral chokers to plain chokers, there's a great alternative to the necklace for everyone! So pick your perfect one today and whichever way you wear it, make sure you own it.

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