Three Sisters Play The Same Guitar Like Bosses

If you have sisters, your heart is about to be so warmed. (Think: Growing at the speed the Grinch's did, only even sweeter, and without the whole Christmas plot.) If you grew up with sisters (or are just starting to appreciate your sisters as an adult), you need to send them this video STAT. It will convince you that there really are benefits of having a sister—especially if you have musically inclined sisters. And even if your family has no musical talents whatsoever, you'll still appreciate these three sisters playing one guitar. They're bringing teamwork to a whole other level and are quite honestly putting duos like Mary-Kate and Ashley to shame. Three is the new two, guys.

I don't have sisters, and it seems highly unlikely that my brother and I will ~collab~ and share a guitar any time soon. My only frame of reference for adorably, musical siblings is The Parent Trap, both new and old. And while those were complete facades, because Lindsay Lohan is one person, not two, it was still alluring to my child self. But these three sisters are so on point that they could probably do a better rendition of "Let's Get Together".

Here are the three sisters from the Philippines who are sharing one guitar and making some very magical tunes:

Magra, Angelica, and Jennifer are using all six of their hands—so, a casual 30 fingers—to pluck one guitar. Hopefully they performed something magical for their mother yesterday.

This is coming to us from GoPro, as part of their Be a Hero campaign. It's elevating their consumers to hero status because it brings extraordinary stories to life, but anyone can use their camera. It's "the perfect entry-level camera."

They produced some other truly ~cRazY~ videos throughout this campaign. So if three girls sharing one guitar isn't your cup of tea (I don't understand why it wouldn't be, but whatever), here are a few other gnarly (yes, gnarly) stories shot on GoPro:

1. Schools of fish in the Grand Cayman

Diver William Mitchell swimming through Silversides (in Grand Cayman) came across about a million fish. #GoProHERO if I ever saw one.

2. Go Karting HERO

If go karts weren't a huge part of your childhood, you were legitimately missing out. There's no better feeling than driving around a track as an unlicensed driver. If you never experienced it, GoPro and this Spanish hero will show you exactly what it feels like.

3. Go Pro Paintballing

If you skipped the go karts but made it paint balling, then congratulations, you're more accomplished than I. But watching this video doesn't make me want to drive 75 miles away to get hit by paint bullets in an abandoned field.

4. The GoPro 10k feet proposal

While proposal videos aren't my favorite viral genre, this couple kills it. If you're expressing your love at that high an altitude, you're set.

Image: YouTube