Brittany Snow Didn't Like Her Dark Red Hair

It's true that being an actress always involves changing your look often, especially hairstyles and colors, but what happens if it's a look that you don't love? You suck it up because it's your job, I guess. Actress Brittany Snow said she didn't like her Pitch Perfect 2 dark red hair, according to Yahoo! Style. And she would know — Brittany Snow says she's had every hair color and thinks she looks best as a blonde.

“I have had every hair color,” Snow said in the Yahoo! Style interview. “I joke with my hair colorist. She keeps sheets of paper on every hair color that I’ve had so she has records of it all. She’s done my hair since I was 15 and I guess I have a thick folder going because I’ve had so many different hair colors.”

Wouldn't it be nice to have your own hair color guide to choose from when you want to go back to those perfect highlights but have switched hair dressers or can't remember the color? Oh, the life of a glam squad! At least Brittany had the chance to switch back from her red hue to a blonder shade for the premiere last Friday.

We've seen Brittany rocking a different hair color in several of her movies, and we love them all! We love a girl who isn't afraid to try something new. Check out Brittany's array of hair colors from years past.

Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This shade is similar to the one you can see her with in Pitch Perfect 2 .

Kristian Dowling/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Brittany even looks great as a brunette!


She may not like her red hair, but we love this more natural, lighter shade of red with a blonde touch.


Brittany considers herself a blonde, and it's probably because it goes so well with her big, blue eyes.

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