9 Things Women Who Wear Bronzer Are Sick Of Hearing About Their Fabulous Glow

Wearing bronzer is a lifestyle. So, women who wear bronzer do not need to hear your comments against it. We choose to live this life as a tan goddess, and we aren’t turning back. Once you commit, it’s hard to quit. Makeup junkies know the importance of adding dimension back to your face after applying foundation. Bronzer brings both color and livelihood back into your skin during your makeup routine. Skipping out on the product feels to me like skipping out on a free vacation. Why??

If you are a bronzer addict, you aren’t alone. Celebrity makeup artists such as Kandy Johnson and Mario Dedivanovic swear by the stuff. YouTube is filled with tutorials on how to sculpt out the perfect glow. Whether you prefer the “3/E” style or an all-over dusting, there is a method out there to make you look your sunny best.

Unfortunately, bronzing has received a lot of flak from non-believers over the years. There are many who resist the glowing look, and they will be sure to let you know. Stay strong, my fellow bronze biddies. Together, we can learn to eye roll these things that women who love bronzer are tired of hearing away.

1. Why do you want to look like a Oompa Loompa?


Seeing as I chose a bronzing shade with more red than orange, I'll be fine. Bye haters.

2. Why are you wearing bronzer in the winter?


I'm sorry. Please see yourself out.

3. Your fake n' bake looks great!



4. Why don't you just skip bronzer once in a while to change up your look?


Could you give up on air?

5. I don't think I have ever worn bronzer.


How have you lived?

6. I thought only drag queens wore bronzer.


2015 is going to be a rough year for you.

7. Do you think you should tone it down a bit?


I appreciate your concern, but I'm good.

8. You would have so much more time in the morning if you didn't spend so much time on your face.


To do what? I have already watched plenty of cat videos today.

9. Do you think you need to wear makeup?


No, but I do like to look #flawless.

Images: aleshin/Fotolia; Giphy