9 Tori Kelly Lyrics That Perfectly Describe Love, Loss, & Being Happy As A Single Lady — VIDEOS

If you haven't heard of Tori Kelly yet, you're seriously missing out. Not only is she super talented at what she does, her lyrics are super relatable and speak right into your single lady soul. The 22 year old up-and-coming singer made her first debut on Season 9 of American Idol, but her rise to fame really took off when Scooter Braun discovered her YouTube covers a few years ago. I mean, really, who could resist that beautiful voice? Fast forward a few years and she's signed with Capitol Records and gearing up for the release of Tori Kelly's debut album, Unbreakable Smile .

While she's already blown audiences away with her singles, "Nobody Love" and "Unbreakable Smile" (some even comparing her sound to the likes of Ariana Grande and Christina Aguilera), it should be known that this isn't Kelly's first rodeo. The singer has plenty of songs under her belt that are just as amazing.

One thing that sets Kelly apart from the rest is that she's not trying to be the next big thing. She's just being herself — something I feel the music industry hasn't seen in a long time. Her music is catchy, but it's her honest lyrics about fame, love and everything in between that make her so relatable. In just two to three minutes, she perfectly describes what it is like to be single.

"But I just can't help but think that we could've had something. Have I really been blind to reality, baby?"

Tori Kelly on YouTube

Nothing like overthinking a breakup, especially when you weren't even sure if you were really dating.

"Feels like everybody's watching to see what my next move is. Do I proceed with caution or do I just dive in?"

Tori Kelly on YouTube

Getting back in the dating game is always hard to do after a breakup.

"There are no words to say whenever you are near. I try to be myself, but she just disappears. I’m nothing like those other girls; I am so weird."

Billboard on YouTube

Shout out to all the shy girls out there. Flirting can be really difficult sometimes.

"Hang on to a shooting star, bursting into view. Just me and my fickle heart; lonely never felt so right. I would go anywhere tonight."

Gabi Ball on YouTube

Sometimes, all you wanna do is just sit in your room by yourself. Is that a crime? I think not.

"I like being by myself. Don't gotta entertain anybody else. No one to answer to. But, sometimes, I just want somebody to hold. Someone to give me their jacket when it's cold."

ToriKellyVEVO on YouTube

Seriously, this whole song is my single girl anthem. Props to Kelly for describing it so well.

"So, if you're out there, I swear to be good to you. But I'm done lookin' for my future someone, 'cause, when the time is right, you'll be here."

Ztp on YouTube

But, really, did I mention how perfect this song is already?

"I live through pictures as if I was right there by your side, but you’ll be good without me and, if I could just give it some time, I’ll be alright."

AXS TV on YouTube

Back to the breaking up songs. This song is the perfect ballad to let out all the tears.

"I should be more cynical and tell myself it’s not okay to feel this good when I’m with you. I try my best to fight it, say I hate you, but I always stay."

Vevo on YouTube

Even when you do find someone to love, it's really hard to let go of the past and put your walls down again.

"So say what you want about me. I’m still gonna be the same old me. Ain’t got time for you no more no more."

ToriKellyVEVO on YouTube

You just can't keep this girl down. Only you get to decide how you live your life.