Khloe Kardashian Copies Beyonce's 2015 Met Gala Pose And Kills It In A Monochromatic Gray Ensemble

The 2015 Met Gala was inspiring, from outrageous gowns to sky-high hats and, now, Instagram poses. Khloe Kardashian copied Beyonce's 2015 Met Gala Instagram pose and absolutely killed it, proving she can work it just as good as Bey can.

Khlo Money is a gym rat, citing workouts as her therapy, and it's creating a confident and fit Khloe that we are falling ever more in love with. We totally get it: Sometimes a little sweat can clear the mind, and Khloe is arguably the wisest, and most body positive of the Kardashian sisters. Later this year, she'll release an advice book, and I can't wait to hear what she has to say about confidence, strength, and overcoming obstacles.

In her Instagram photo, Khloe showed off her confidence (and killer booty) by copying Beyoncé's bootylicious Instagram pose where she had her hands placed on the wall, to better show off her derriere. Khloe wore a monochromatic gray look with a maxi skirt, teeny tank, and a playful high pony. She completed the ensemble with snakeskin Christian Louboutins, retro red lipstick, and almond-shaped red nails. Werk. It. Girl.

After first seeing Beyoncé's Met Gala snapshot, Khloe wrote "I just got my motivation for the year!! Holy moly!! Yes!!!! I see you!!!! Shut it down!" according to E! Online.

Then she said, "Just about to chow down on some dessert…But thanks to a few beautiful ladies at the Met Gala red carpet, I just got a little self control…Who am I kidding…I'll probably still eat dessert!! You guys are so sweet. Let there be dessert! Ha! Love to love you babies."

The lesson? A little indulgence is necessary in your life and its routines. This is just one reason why Khloe is almost always everyone's favorite Kardashian sister.