Seniors Want Sex More Than Millennials

Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to how much sex everyone is having, or really, how much more sex other generations are having (or had) compared to Millennials. When a recent study found that Baby Boomers have had more sexual partners than Millennials, it was like minds were blown the eff out of the water. Now, in keeping with the theme that everyone seems to be getting it on more than Millennials, dating site EliteSingles, just released a study of their own that found seniors have absolutely not lost their sexual stride with age at all.

The study of 2500 online daters found some brow-raising stats that make singles in their 20s look practically prudish compared to singles in their 70s. It seems that in addition to sex getting better for women as they get older, the case is the same for men, too, and it’s in their 70s that people are really just going to town on each other. Not only are people in their 70s more accepting of casual sex than singles between 18 and 30, but they’re also less accepting of celibacy, too. In other words, your parents and grandparents are apparently on a sexual rampage.

But because you will be old someday, too, here are six facts you may want to know about senior sex. Although the thought of it might make you cringe a wee bit right now, someday you’ll be a pile of adorable wrinkles looking to score, too.

1. Majority Of Seniors Believe Sex Is An ‘Important’ Part Of A Relationship

Although 37 percent of participants regard sex as being “very important” in a relationship, the bigger picture is that 93 percent think it’s “important.” Not only that, but 37 percent of those in their 70s and older, would jump ship if their relationship didn’t have sex in it.

2. Seniors Want More Sex Than Those In Their 20s

What the wha ― !? According to EliteSingles’ study, those in their 70s have a way higher need for sex than those between 18 and 30. Case in point: Only seven percent of seniors said they’d be happy in relationship without sex, whereas 14 percent of those in their 20s could say the same.

3. Seniors Are Really Into Casual Sex

Well, if their age group outdoes ours in sexual partner numbers, it definitely makes sense that seniors would be more open to the idea of casual sex, too. The study found that while 79 percent of seniors think casual sex is all the rage, 69 percent of participants between 18 and 30 could agree with the sentiment.

4. More Senior Women Than Senior Men Want To Date

In addition to 93 percent of women thinking sex gets better with age, it’s also older women who are more likely than men to get back out on the dating scene. Of the 2500 participants, a teeny, tiny four percent of women said they didn’t had the desire or energy to get back out there, while 23 percent of men said they just didn’t have it in them to do the whole dating thing.

5. Seniors Still Believe In Love

Despite the fact that they’ve probably had their fair share of heartbreak by the time they reach their 70s, seniors still believe in love and the ability to find it again. Ninety-six percent believe you can fall in love at any age and 87 percent think that love could be “just around the corner for them.” And, because that isn’t adorable enough, 60 percent of seniors still believe in love at first sight. Such romantics!

6. Seniors Think The Face Is The Most Important Feature When It Comes To Attraction

Even though they may have a few more grey hairs and wrinkles than those in their 20s, seniors can still be just as superficial when it comes to attraction. The top three most important features when it comes to attraction for seniors are the face, chest, and ass, respectively … which leads me to believe that grandpa’s “anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun.”

Ah, “Baby Got Back,” references never get old.

Images: EliteSinges; Giphy(6)