11 Of Cookie Lyon’s Best ‘Empire’ Moments, Described In Sassy Emojis

If you are texting fiend like myself, emojis are an essential part of your life. My sister and I have had entire conversations just using emojis. (Yes, we realize that we are lame.) Everyone knows that long, drawn out conversations should be reserved for phone calls and FaceTime. Texting on the other hand should be quick, succinct and to the point. To become a master of emojis, you must be a lot like Cookie Lyon. You must be able to think quickly on your feet and have extremely sharp wit. Most importantly, you must be willing to shut it down. After all, the best moments from Empire involved the illustrious Cookie Lyon, the few exceptions being Hakeem and Jamal's musical performances.

From the moment she arrives at Empire Entertainment, Cookie makes her presence known. Even though her ex-husband Lucious and his right-hand man Vernon attempt to shush Cookie and shove her into a corner, she lets them know that she can't be tamed. Like a tornado, Cookie’s reentry into the Lyon family is a whirlwind. She speaks her mind and states her opinion even when it goes against the grain. Taraji P. Henson portrays Cookie so genuinely that we never know when she’s going to do or say something insane.

Here are 11 of our favorite Cookie moments described with emojis.

1. When She Threw Her Shoe At Lucious

Lucious thought he could ply Cookie with money and clothes for her silence. However, Cookie is never to be ignored. Instead of leaving Empire Entertainment as he had requested, Cookie throws her shoe at Lucious' head. After all, shoe throwing is always an excellent way to make a statement.

2. When She Showed Up to a Family Dinner Wearing Lingerie

Cookie assumes that Lucious is acknowledging their anniversary when he invites her to dinner. Instead, she walks into a celebration of his engagement to Anika. Aggravated, Cookie lets everyone at the table know why she really came to dinner. Clearly, Cookie knows how to dress for every occasion.

3. When She Gave Anika The Perfect Nickname

Cookie comes home from jail to discover that another woman has taken her position in the Lyon household. She and Anika take an immediate disliking to one another, and subsequently begin their game of nasty-nice. Cookie even gives Anika a new and very fitting nickname. "Boo Boo Kitty" is iconic.

4. When She Told Malcolm to "Take A Bite"

Cookie and Malcolm had been dancing around their attraction to one another since they were first introduced. Nothing is explicitly said between the duo until Cookie gets drunk and finds the courage to tell Malcolm that he is more than welcome to "take a bite."

5. When She Threw Her Drink in Anika's Face

The tension between Cookie and Anika finally comes to a head at the end of Season 1. Cookie has had enough, and she proceeds to throw her drink in Anika's face. The drink is followed by Cookie's right hook. Violence is never the answer, but I cackled quite loudly when this occurred.

6. When She Told Lucious She Didn't Feel Like Making A Scene

Cookie is angry that Lucious' doesn't support Jamal's career. She goes to confront him about it, but decides not to disrupt rehearsals. Lucious learns then that Cookie only shuts it down when she feels like it.

7. When She Walked Into Empire Like She Owned It (Because She Does)

Though Lucious was aware that Cookie had been released from prison, he makes no effort to contact her. This was a poor choice on his part because Cookie enters Empire Entertainment's offices ready for war.

8. Anytime She Wore Animal Print & Fur Flawlessly

Let's all just take a moment to bask in the glory that is Cookie Lyon's closet.

9. When She Told Lucious She Was Done With Him

Despite being in jail for 17 years for a crime Lucious helped her commit, it takes Cookie a long while to completely denounce Lucious for the trifling person that he is. When she finally acknowledges how evil he is, it's rather cold-blooded.

10. When She Met Malcolm

When we are first introduced to Cookie, she is working hard to rekindle her relationship with her sons, and reestablish herself in the music business. However, when she meets Malcolm, she can't deny her attraction to Empire Entertainment's head of security. The duo sizzle anytime they are near one another. I need Malcolm to be in Season 2!

11. When She Told Anika She Had An Anchor Woman's Haircut

Anika looks down on Cookie because of her loud and bossy nature. She often called her rude in way that she thought was eloquent and refined. Though she may not be traditionally education, Cookie is no dummy. and she would quickly clap back at Anika.

Image: FOX