9 Cookie Lyon Memes That Will Make Any 'Empire' Fan's Life — PHOTOS

Cookie Lyon has only been a part of our lives since January when Empire premiered, but she already has a cult following of very loyal fans. I know it seems a little premature to say this now, but Cookie Lyon is already a television legend. The fictional character played by Taraji P. Henson is at the center of a pop culture phenomenon. She says what we are all thinking, just in a more hilarious and clever fashion; she wears outlandish outfits that most people can only dream of; and she really can take a scene from zero to 100 in an instant. These are just some of the reasons that not just Cookie Lyon fans, but Cookie Lyon memes are popping up everywhere.

Henson completely slays the game as Cookie, so it's no surprise that all of these character memes are downright hilarious. I may not be able to relate to Cookie's struggle — emerging from 17 years in jail to win back her children and run a record label — yet these memes bring that signature Cookie sass to situations that I actually identify with. Here are some of the best Cookie Lyon memes that are sure to make all Cookie Lyon loyalists laugh out loud.

How We All Feel About Cookie

This is exactly how all the fans feel. Tell me you don't watch Empire, and I'll be pretty surprised and disappointed, but if you declare that you don't love Cookie, I'll be personally offended.

A New Outlook On Wednesdays

Forget about "Hump Day" or any other references about the middle of the week and get your priorities in order. Wednesday nights are now all about Empire.

It HAS To Be A Hustle & Flow Sequel

The more I think about it, I really start to believe that Empire is a sequel to Hustle & Flow . And thanks to stoicdaydreamer on Tumblr, we have this graphic that proves it.

How We All Looked After The Finale

When is Empire Season 2 coming? I hate waiting. I want more Empire and I want it now.

The Best Text Response

Cookie has this ballsy "tell it like it is" attitude, but sadly, not everyone cannot pull off her sass in real life. Sending screenshots full of lines from the show will have to do.

Empire's Television Domination

Empire's Cookie got us all focused on Wednesday night television, so it's great that Scandal is sticking to Thursday.

"Take These Cookiiiiiies"

This cat perfectly emulates that classic scene with a drunken Cookie trying to make some sexual advances, but really just falling on her butt into a car.

How Fans Feel In The Off Season

Seriously though, need more Empire right now.

How We All Crave Cookie

We are all jonesing for next Cookie Lyon fix. She needs to come back into our lives ASAP. When does Season 2 start again?

Image: stoicdaydreamer/Tumblr