Remember When Miley Cyrus Was In 'SATC 2'?

If you saw the film, I'm sure you remember Sex and the City 2 for its ridiculous plot and possible offensiveness towards Arabic culture. But do you remember the most important part of the film? Miley Cyrus was in Sex and the City 2, y'all, and it was flawless. It's been five years since the sequel came out, and a lot has changed for Cyrus since then. She's no longer a Disney Channel teen with long hair dark hair. But she's just as kind now as she was back then. (One look at her new charity to help LGBT and homeless youth will tell you that.) But five years ago she also saved Samantha Jones from a red carpet disaster, which is almost as nice.

In an unwillingness to accept her aging, Samantha bought a pretty age-inappropriate dress for her boyfriend's movie premiere. Then disaster struck when "teen queen Miley Cyrus" was seen in the same dress on the same red carpet. But Samantha avoided mega embarrassment (and a "red carpet Hindenburg" as Stanford Blatch called it) when a kind Cyrus instead came over to pose with Samantha and whispered, "Great dress."

It was a pretty sweet moment in the otherwise pretty intolerable film. Who would have thought Cyrus would be the saving grace of a Sex and the City film? But she was, and in honor of the movie's fifth anniversary you can check the moment out again right here.