Here's How To Watch The Billboard Awards Online

Let's paint a picture. It's Monday morning, you're getting coffee at work, and your hip coworker says, "Hey did you catch The Billboard Music Awards last night?" You're going to want to say "Yes, and I live tweeted the entire thing, you should follow me," right? In case you can't watch the show live on Sunday, there's still hope, because you'll be able to stream the huge Billboard Music Awards moments online and follow what is happening on the red carpet through a live stream on multiple platforms. Because let's be honest, if you don't see the "Bad Blood" video live, did you even see it at all?

Unfortunately, there isn't a set live stream for the entire show provided by The Billboard Music Awards. But maybe that is for the best, because you'll be able to skip the down moments and all of the boring speeches that are inevitable in a three hour show. But just because there isn't a live stream of the show, there are definitely other ways to keep updated on what happens at The Billboard Music Awards as they happen. Here are other ways to stay in the know with the show (Twitter will have no idea you're not watching it live).

Red Carpet Live Stream

The two-hour live red carpet pre-show will be available for streaming on multiple platforms. In addition to watching live on TV, you can follow the red carpet pre-show on Yahoo Live, Billboard's website, and ABC.com. During the pre-show there will be three live performances by Natalie La Rose, Andy Grammer, and MKTO.

Watch Videos On Billboard

Your best bet for highly talked about moments will be Billboard.com and BillboardMusicAwards.com. By highly talked about moments, I'm referring to Taylor Swift's world premiere of "Bad Blood," although a simple Google search will probably do the job, too.

Follow Along On Twitter

Whenever a huge award show like this happens, everyone from your old babysitter to high school soccer teammates become comedians on Twitter. If you want to keep up-to-date, Billboard Music Awards and other news outlets will be tweeting winners and big moments that occur throughout the night.

Follow Chrissy Teigen & Ludacris While You're At It

The Billboard Music Awards are hosted by Chrissy Teigen and Ludacris this year, which is a major plus for those that can't watch but want to follow along. Why? Because these two are very active on social media and are sure to keep fans tuned in to behind-the-scenes moments.

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