What If 'The O.C.' Was Set In New York?

by Mary Grace Garis

It's weird to think of The O.C. without its backdrop of endless beaches, perennial sunshine, and glorious McMansions equipped with their own infinity pools. As the theme song (Phantom Planet's "California") promises, it is a show that features California as one of its main characters. So, what would happen if you pulled a Josh Schwartz and just killed off that character in a fiery car wreck? Or, more specifically, what would happen if The O.C . was set in New York?

The short answer is this: it would be Gossip Girl . Like, that's it. If you're a fan of The O.C. and you somehow didn't jump onto the Gossip Girl bandwagon in 2007, look no further. Schwartz's second creative effort is the East Coast version of The O.C., albeit with headbands. But if you're looking for an idea that's a little more substantial, then I have a couple of concepts I can throw your way.

So, let's replaces those mansions with penthouses, and see what happens. Here are nine quick ways that The O.C. would be different if it was set in New York... beyond it probably not being named The O.C., of course.

The Iconic Phantom Planet Theme Song Would Be Replaced By Taylor Swift's "Welcome To New York."

Phantom Planet's "California" was the perfect choice for The O.C.'s beachy, cool indie music vibe, but an NYC-based The O.C. would need a much fluffier pop song as its theme. Enter: The current queen of pop music, Taylor Swift.

Ryan Wouldn't Be From Chino — Instead, He'd Be From, Like, Hoboken Or Jersey City, Or Some Non-Manhattan Area For People Who Have Given Up On Brooklyn.

Maybe Queens, you guys. Queens.

Seth Would Be Actually Tremendously Hip.

No, seriously, change almost nothing about the character except for maybe a few updates in indie music (or maybe not, nostalgia is SO BIG RIGHT NOW) and he would be the epitome of cool. Maybe still not the most popular kid in an Upper East Side prep school, but once he'd get below Union Square (or across the East River to Williamsburg) he'd be a local god. New York Seth would probably also have terrible facial hair.

But He Probably Wouldn't Want To Follow In His Dad's Footsteps By Attending NYU.

Because let's be real, New York Sandy Cohen would definitely be an NYU grad, and New York Seth Cohen would want to escape the city for a land free of humidity. Maybe some place like UCLA or Berkeley, you know?

Summer Wouldn't Be A Bubbly Valley Girl, She'd Be An Ice Cold Street Style Star With Victoria Beckham Sunglasses, And Oodles Of Scarves.

Double that for Marissa — she'd be covered in scarves, $76 each from Anthropologie. Oh, and a top knot.

Gone Would Be The Adorable Boardwalk Eateries Where The Core Four Would Eat Fries Together, And In Its Stead: An Independent Coffee Shop In Bushwick.

It's New York Seth's favorite place, because they really get his soy caramel macchiatos just right.

Marissa Would Still Have A Lesbian Fling... But It'd Be With Guest Star Cara Delevingne.

Page Six caught them making out at the Chanel after-party during fashion week. Julie was not pleased.

Seasons Would Happen.

News alert, west coasters: we have weather that differs from perpetually 75 degrees and sunny. Gone would be Marissa's golden glow — and, most importantly, snow on Chrismukkah wouldn't be a crazy notion.

And Those Bagels Would Be Really Something Else.

California doesn't even know what a good bagel LOOKS like. Rest assured, the Cohens would be in heaven.

Images: Warner Bros. Television (1), Giphy (9)