The Outfits In 'Supergirl' Are Going To Be So Good

If you weren’t already excited about Supergirl coming to CBS in the fall, the fashion in the Supergirl trailer is enough reason to watch the show on its own. The trailer is under seven minutes long, so can you imagine what the entire season will bring?!

The show’s main character is of course, Supergirl, and she’s got lots of occasions to dress for. Other than the fact that she’s a superhero (and that’s a big one), she seems like a totally normal, down to earth girl we can all relate to in some way. In the trailer, you get glimpses of her stylish workwear, her blind date outfit, and of course, her Supergirl costume. Some other wardrobes you can look forward to are her boss’ and her sister’s. Her boss, a bigwig in the media industry, is sure to dress well, and she’s probably the character whose look I’m most excited to copy IRL.

Now let’s get back to the most superhero-y part here: her costume. Supergirl’s costume isn’t hypersexualized, which is a nice change. It’s simple, but still got girly elements. My favorite parts are the red skirt and matching red boots. Definitely wearable even if you aren't saving the world from peril.

See some of the most fashionable moments from the trailer and get excited for this season, because it’s sure to kick butt in more ways than one.

Working Girl

She's already had a stressful morning, and it only just getting off of the elevator to work! She still looks very professional and put together, though, and I love her pop of color with the skirt.

Dating Girl

Poor girl can't even have a normal date without stopping to save the day. At least she looks good doing it, though. She looks so good with her hair down, a red lip, and, of course, those thick rimmed glasses.


She's just doing what she does best, flying and saving the world. NBD. And she looks like a total badass while doing it.

The Boss

She may be super sassy, but this boss lady knows how to dress. And accessorize. I can't wait to see more!

The Sister

Quite fashionable herself, she's the go to when Supergirl needs fashion advice. She looks very professional in her blazer, and that olive green top goes great with her hair and skin tone. No wonder Supergirl trusts her advice.

Check out the full trailer below for even more outfits that'll take you up, up, and away to fashion paradise.

Images: CBS/YouTube