Is Kai Really Dead On 'The Vampire Diaries'? I'm Not Convinced This Is Over Yet

Man, when Kai crashes a party, he really crashes a party. (Remind me to never invite him to my wedding, OK?) Thursday night's highly anticipated Vampire Diaries finale "I'm Thinking of You All The While" picked up right where we left off: in a complete and total bloodbath. With Jo dead and Elena in critical condition, you'd think that Kai's reign of terror couldn't get much worse. But you would be very, very wrong about that. Because Kai as a TVD Heretic proved to actually be even more dangerous than we've ever seen before. However, after getting into a major confrontation with Damon, Kai was beheaded right there on the spot. Does this mean that Kai is dead for real this time on TVD or can Heretics come back from a beheading?

Right now, it still remains a bit unclear, especially given that this show has a tendency to bring people back from impossible situations. However, much like a stake to the heart kills most vampires, I have a feeling that a beheading is more than enough to do away Heretics for good. Plus, given the fact that Chris Wood, who plays Kai, is scheduled to star in Julie Plec's brand new series, Containment, this fall, I have a feeling his acting plate is already pretty full.

And while I'm definitely happy for his blossoming career success, I can't deny that I'll miss his presence on the show greatly. He's hands down the best villain TVD has ever seen since Klaus Mikaelson first made his debut. Granted, I'm sure Lily's Heretic family are going to bring their own unique brand of terror to Mystic Falls. But regardless, tuning in next season certainly won't be the same without Kai and his sadistic (but oddly lovable) humor. I just hope that wherever he's going, there's pork rinds.

Image: Tina Rowden/The CW