Jo & Alex Won't Let Meredith Come Between Them

For two very scary weeks, fans thought that Grey's Anatomy might pair Meredith and Alex together. The show may be operating a year after Derek's death, but for fans it's still much to soon to see Meredith with another man — especially since Jo and Alex are already a beloved couple. But these past few episodes it seemed like perhaps the writers were driving Jo and Alex apart to make room for Meredith. But rest assured, Jo and Alex are still together, and Meredith won't come between them if Jo has anything to say about it.

Last week things weren't looking great for Team Jolex 'shippers. The two fought over Jo's desire to go to the war zone to help, while Alex wanted to stick around in Seattle to be there for Meredith. Then Meredith asked to move in with Alex to get away from the memories of her old house. When Alex brought this up to Jo on Thursday's episode, she was less than pleased. "Congrats, now you've got a house and a family," she spat at him. Alex meekly replied that he can't say no to Meredith, especially not now. "So you're saying no to me?" Jo asked, walking away in disgust.

I feared the rest of the episode would focus on their relationship's demise as Meredith unintentionally wormed her way between the two of them. Fortunately things went a different direction. By the end of the episode, Jo figured out what she wanted, and she wanted a life with Alex. She purchased them their own house, and suggested that he sell his to Meredith. In this scenario everyone wins: Meredith gets to leave her Derek-memory filled house behind, but Jo and Alex still get their own space.

It was a touching moment between two characters who don't often show their emotions. "I love you, and I love living with you. We should have our own place just us," Jo told Alex. Then they kissed and all was good in Jolex world. And the 75 percent of fans who hated the idea of Meredith and Alex as a couple got their way. Mer and Alex are much better just as friends, and Jo and Alex are too good a couple to break up.

Finally all is as right as it can be in a Derek-less world. I'm still never forgiving Shonda for that, but I'm glad she let us keep Jolex, at the very least. If I've learned anything about this show, it's that at Seattle Grace Mercy Death it's all about the little wins — and Jolex fans won big Thursday night.

Image: Ron Batzdorff/ABC