Why Plus Size Clothes Should Be In All Stores

by Kali Borovic

Online shopping and I have a love/hate relationship and, if BuzzFeed's "What Plus Size Clothing Looks Like On Plus Size Women" video is any indication, I'm certainly not the only one. Being able to stay in my slippers and virtually shop seems totally worth it... that is, until the clothes arrive at my door and don't fit quite right. This is a struggle of online shopping for a lot of other women as well, but for plus size women, online shopping can be the only option, as many stores don't even offer their sizes in stores. There's already plenty of chatter about this on the Internet already, but three women took to BuzzFeed to (hopefully) make the point once and for all.

In the video, three plus size women try on four different pieces of clothing according to what the sizing charts from each website recommended. Out of all the affordable clothes they try on, there's only one piece that one woman says she would keep. The rest just don't hold up to the expectations — something that could have been avoided if the women had had the opportunity to try a couple sizes on in store. It is, however, worth mentioning that Torrid and Forever 21 (two of the brands featured) DO offer plus sizes in their brick and mortar locations, but the point is still incredibly valid.

The women in the video share the struggle of wrong make, style, and fitting chart, which are problems that can be avoided before buying when shopping in-store. Many women (of all sizes!) are left to cross their fingers when they buy online and not knowing whether they'll be looking great or feeling frumpy.

From "saggy-crotch syndrome" to unflattering proportions, the struggles of plus size online shopping are made clear by the women's struggle in the video. After trying on the clothing options for all the world to see, the women spend the rest of the video begging companies to carry more in-store plus size clothing options. They also give advice to plus size women who might be dealing with the same shopping problems.

"Get your measurements taken properly, and also, unfortunately, try a few different sizes."

"Just because it fits the measurements doesn't mean that it's going to look good on us."

"Please, clothing companies, I promise I will give you all of my money. Just make the clothes, put them in stores so that we can try them on. I promise that you will make money."


Images: BuzzFeed (4)