You Can Make A 26 Dollar Burger At McDonalds

What's the most you've ever spent on fast food? Other than a particularly embarrassing night when my friends decided we desperately needed multiple 10 packs of Taco Bell tacos, I've been pretty good. A rare trip through the McDonald's drive thru only costs me about $4. But they just rolled out a Create Your Taste kiosk that can make a 26 dollar burger, which means your McDonald's order is about to get way more out of control than you ever intended. It starts with an innocent piece of extra cheese, a touch more bacon and then spirals out of control—before you know it, you've spent the equivalent of an entire pair of Old Navy jeans on one hamburger at McDonald's and your life is crumbling before your eyes.

Or something like that.

There's a maximum (unfortunately) to all this glory. You can get two quarter pounder hamburger patties, at most, and you can get up to 10 times the amount of any topping.

One man—one hero, rather—tried a personalized burger with the maximum amount of each topping, and then uploaded the video. Because this is 2015, so OF COURSE that's a thing that happened. And while $26 may seem like an absolutely outrageous amount to spend at McDonald's, it's a small price to pay for glory.

See. Told you. GLORY.

Here's the end result:

This is one hundred percent the most heart-stopping gif I've ever seen.

Watch our modern day hero rack up an insane burger tab:

While I fully admit that this man is a visionary, it also hurts my soul a little to see that amount of money spent on a McDonald's burger.

To put this purchase in perspective. Here's what you can buy at McDonalds for $26:

  1. A 10 piece Chicken McNuggets is $4.49. So you could buy about 5 orders, which is 50 nuggets.
  2. A McDouble is $1.39. You could buy 17 or 18 McDoubles, depending on tax.
  3. A Happy Meal (cheeseburger) is $2.79. You could buy about 9 Happy Meals. That's 9 McDonalds toys for 9 adorable little children.
  4. A Big Mac with fries and a drink is $5.99. So you could feed 4 people with a very large appetite.

I'm not gonna tell you guys how to spend your money, because maybe you really just need to follow your 26 dollar bacon bliss...but beware the slippery slope of the McDonald's kiosk. Don't say you weren't warned.

Images: YouTube