Jessie James Decker Is Launching A Lipstick Line

If Jessie James Decker isn’t already a fashion and style icon of yours, where have you been?! If you weren't sold by her bikinis, Jessie James Decker's lipstick collection should have you completely convinced. Decker makes it a little easier to copy her style than most celebs because she’s so open. I mean, she gives beauty tutorials, and she’s creating a clothing line. Totally accessible, right? If it she wasn’t already making it easy enough to steal her style, she is now because Jessie James Decker is coming out with a signature lipstick and lip liner so the rest of us can get her perfect pout. She sure knows the way to my heart!

The announcement about the lipstick and liner was made via JJD’s twitter, and no specific details about the makeup have been released, just yet. But, I know I’ll be keeping an eye out for it! While you wait for more news, it might be of interest to you that JJD’s sister, Sydney, already has a lipstick line out, so you can shop her collection to get your fix in the meantime.

In honor of this amazing news, let’s take a look at some of JJD’s best beauty looks that we can try to copy once her lipstick and liner are finally here. Don’t you just love a little JJD beauty inspo? I know I do!

1. High Hair Glamour

I'm loving this very glamourous look on Jessie. You know what they say in the south, "the higher the hair the closer to God." She's lookin' quite heavenly, if I do say so myself.

2. Long and Luscious

I love her hair like this. Not to mention her eyes and lips here. She got a full pout going on, and it looks great!

3. Natural Look

JJD definitely doesn't have to try too hard when it comes to her makeup. She looks gorge au naturel.

4. Prep Sesh

She's not even completely done with her look yet, and she still looks great. Loving the dark shadow on her.

5. I Woke Up Like This

She even looks good first thing in the morning. The sleepy look really works well for her. Don't even bother drinking that coffee, girl!