'The Mindy Project' Needs These Characters

I know we've all been scrambling for a reason to live since Fox cancelled The Mindy Project last week, but, I'm happy to tell you, now we have finally have one! Hulu has officially saved The Mindy Project (and our lives) by announcing it will produce a 26-episode fourth season. Oh, happy day! Take this as solid proof that you should never give up hoping for your dreams to come true.

The Mindy Projects now takes its place in television history as one of the rare gems saved from cancellation and offered second life on a new network. It sits alongside such other wonders as Futurama, Community, Cougartown, and Arrested Development. Of course, in all of those cases, finding a new home meant big changes for the show: Community moved to Yahoo! and lost half its cast as it did (for a variety of different reasons, yes, but still), Arrested Development shifted from a 22 minute network sitcom to a 34-minute screwball dramedy, and Cougartown totally ditched double entendre-loving Barb once it made it to TBS. That in mind, you have to wonder what to expect from this next chapter of The Mindy Project. As it is, the show has seen a lot of characters come and go throughout its first three seasons — should we expect even more cast turnover once it makes the shift to Hulu?

Personally, I hope not. Having said that, if for whatever reason the show has to shake up its cast, here are the characters I most desperately hope they bring back.

And... ya know... some I don't.


Cousin Sheena (Played By Laverne Cox)

Not only do I want them to bring Sheena back for every episode ever, I want Cox to get her own spin-off called Touched By A Sheena where she teaches the poor, unfortunate souls of the world about the importance of banging outfits and flawless makeup. Make it so, Hulu!

Pete (Played By Adam Pally)

Adam Pally keeps saying he's leaving the show, but Pete's been in nearly every episode since his move to Austin. Like, make a decision and stop toying with my emotions! I like Adam Pally on the show so much... I want him to come back and stay forever and maybe be my boyfriend.

Dr. Jean Fishman (Played By Niecy Nash)

Niecy Nash should be in everything. Case closed.

Annette Castellano (Played By Rhea Perlman)

Little Rhea Perlman won Emmy after Emmy playing Carla on Cheers and she can do no wrong in my eyes. Hopefully, since she's Mindy's future mother-in-law, we're guaranteed to see a lot more of her in the Season 4.

Tamra (Played By Xosha Roquemore)

This should go without saying because Tamra is such an obvious delight — but this show has changed actors so many times, you never know.

Paul Leotard (Played By James Franco)

You want to attract an audience, Hulu? Get that goofy smile and those beautiful brown eyes back on our screens and KEEP THEM THERE! #francophile4lyfe


Mindy's Creepy Billionaire Ex-Boyfriend Alex (Played By Lee Pace)

I would be OK if this character never returned, and nobody ever spoke of him again.

Mindy's Judgmental Best Friend Gwen (Played By Anna Camp)

Anna Camp is actually a delightful actress, but something about her snooty character always felt out of place in Mindy's world. Gwen was from an era when the show, much like Mindy, was trying to find its footing and have it all. At first, The Mindy Project tried to be a show about dating, a female doctor and her gal pals, and a quirky workplace comedy, all in one. Fortunately, TMP eventually found focus as both a dating and workplace sitcom — and while the gal pals were fun, they just always felt like too much. The show's at a great place now, so it would be a shame to ruin the dynamics.

Danny's Clothes

I think we can all agree that audiences benefit every time they're not involved. Get rid of them entirely, I say!

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