"Pizza In The Wild" Photo Series From Photographer Jonpaul Douglass Is Exactly What You Need Right Now

It is a universal truth that everyone love pizza. But what is pizza like when no longer cruelly confined within the cardboard prison of a delivery box? Well, thanks to photographer Jonpaul Douglass's "Pizza in the Wild" series, we can find out — and I must say, pizza is even more majestic when roaming freely. Domesticated pizza might still be more sanitary to eat, though, so... just bear that in mind.

I think we can all agree that pizza is great. It's great with plain cheese, with extra cheese, with toppings (as long as none of them are broccoli — I do have to draw a line somewhere). According to science, it's so good it's literally addictive. It's so good that there is a National Pizza Day just to honor its awesomeness. Pizza is so good, in fact, that a condom company is marketing their product by putting pizza-shaped condoms in tiny pizza boxes, because apparently pizza can be used to sell sex. Forget the slogan "sex sells"; pizza is what really sells, guys.

But when pizza is not caged in pizza boxes or stored in your freezer, it apparently can lead a full life out in the wild, chilling in the bushes, lounging on rooftops, and even hanging out with other wild critters. Here's what our favorite Seamless option does when it's left to its own devices, as captured in its natural habitat y this Los Angeles-based photographer.

Ah, the majestic wild pizza. So illusive... so mysterious... so delicious. May it roam free forever. And may the domesticated variety continue to grace our plates.

You can find more Pizza in the Wild photos, as well as more of Douglass's work on his website or on Instagram.

Images: Jonpaul Douglass/Instagram (7)