'AHS' Renewed for Season 4, Bring On More Lange

Rejoice, fans of blood, guts, twisty heads, death-by-sex, and merciless torture! And I suppose the people who blindly follow Ryan Murphy can cheer, too. American Horror Story is renewed for a fourth season on FX.

After the way Season 3, Coven, has been going, this is certainly a reason to celebrate because it means we'll definitely see some of the fantastic AHS ladies return — that's Murphy's favorite thing to do. Of course, we do have our favorites, so without further ado, let us send these names out into the universe and hope that Murphy and the powers that be at FX answer our plea:

1. Jessica Lange: Duh.

2. Connie Britton: It's been two seasons without her and she really wants to come back. Double duh.

3. Emma Roberts: She was perfect on Coven and was killed far too soon. Please, Mr. Murphy, may we have some more?

4. Gabourey Sidibe: Haters to the left because I. love. Queenie.

5. Taissa Farmiga: Sure, she's boring so far this season, but just wait until you see what she does on Wednesday night's episode.

6. Kathy Bates: She's confusing my poor emotions this season by turning a horrible murderer into a potentially half-likable slice of comic relief. I'd like to be confused some more next season, too.

7. Chloe Sevigny: Her voice is terrifying and beautiful and her character broke up with Danny on The Mindy Project, so she's technically available. Done.

8. Lily Rabe: I'm already sad we haven't seen enough of her this season, so I'm going to go ahead and double up on my order for next year.

9. Stevie Nicks: Okay, so they just mentioned her and played a lot of her music on Coven. But Murphy got Patti LuPone, who's to say he can't get Stevie too?

10. Naya Rivera: Sure, she wasn't on AHS, but she's in the Ryan Murphy universe and she's far too good for Glee. Give that Santana sass a spot in creepy, twisty horror story, ASAP.

11. Patti LuPone: Just put her in everything. Please and thank you.

12. Sarah Paulson: I just really like the ways she speaks as if she's a very determined baby bunny.

13. Angela Basset: She can do no wrong, even when she's constantly wearing peasant dresses.

Image: FX