What Your Favorite Joey Tribbiani Girlfriend Says About You

If you're a Friends fan and you're anything like me, you probably look at Joey Tribbiani as if he was your big brother. He's funny, caring, kind... oh yeah, and he doesn't share food. He also happens to love the ladies as much as the ladies love him, and he definitely had his fair share of relationships throughout the show's 10 year run. Some of his girlfriends were better than others, for sure, but which one was the best is a matter of taste. And actually, your choice in Joey's girlfriends probably says more about you than you realize.

It took a special kind of lady to become Joey's girlfriend, and most of the women he became involved with weren't generally official relationships, but rather people he — you know — had a good time with while it lasted (and then said goodbye to when the fun was over). However, some of the women who passed through Joey's life made a lasting impression both on Joey himself and on fans of the show. And I'm about to tell you what your favorite girlfriend of Joey's says about you. Because whether you liked Season 6's Janine or Season 9's Charlie, there's a Joey Tribbiani girlfriend for us all.

Janine (Season 6)

Janine was not only Joey's girlfriend, but his roommate for a time. If she was your favorite of Joey's relationships, you're probably pretty girly, like being in control, and get easily annoyed by other couples. You prefer to just spend time with your significant other rather than entertaining people you don't really like. And you won't even try to pretend otherwise.

Kathy (Season 4)

If you like Kathy best, you're likely a bit indecisive in life and also very intellectual. It's all fine and well for things to be attractive from a distance, but you need substance underneath it all. You're also a bit passive-aggressive and might find it difficult to say what you mean, fearing it could make your mate uncomfortable.

Katie (Season 5)

If Katie is your favorite, you might have a bit of an anger issue and feel the need to express it through physical activity (though hopefully not on other people). You're a nice person, but you lack self-awareness and probably don't realize that other people find you a bit harsh.

Charlie (Season 9)

It was always clear that Charlie was better suited to Ross than Joey, but she still dated the latter for a while. Like those who prefer Kathy, if you like Charlie, you're occasionally dissatisfied in life and are always looking for the next big thing that will sweep you off your feet, both in relationships and in life.

Kate (Season 3)

Kate and Joey were never officially together, but they did have a serious spark for a while. If you prefer Kate, you're mysterious, shy, and prefer to be non-committal. Taking chances isn't part of your vocabulary because there's simply no room for error.

Rachel (Season 9 and 10)

Rachel was clearly meant for Ross, but if you liked her with Joey, you probably are the type of person who feels the need to change things up a bit from time to time. You like going against the grain and doing what people would least expect from you... just to explore all your options.

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