Can We Keep Both Rebekahs On 'The Originals'?

by Alice Walker

Is it possible for there to be a love triangle that technically only has two people in it? It sure felt like it during The Originals Season 2 finale when Rebekah, switched from her Claire Holt body, back into her mortal witch body (played by a different actress, Maisie Richardson-Sellers) and kissed Marcel. One part of me wanted to cheer because I'm pretty into Marcel and he has been hard up in the romance department basically all season long. He and Rebekah are clearly soul mates, destined to be with one another, so this felt like a win. The other part of me felt guilty rooting for them since it was almost like he was cheating on other-Rebekah. Ugh, why does love always have to be so complicated?

The two-Rebekah conundrum puts Originals fans in a tough spot because while I love Richardson-Sellers on the show — she's smart, funny, fits in brilliantly with everyone else, and I don't want her to leave — Holt is the OTR (One True Rebekah) who I want to see finally reuniting with Marcel. Best case scenario: The Originals should keep both Rebekahs on the show for good. On any other show this would be near-impossible, but this is The Originals and you know they can find a loophole for anything. And here's how it could work:

Resurrect Eva St. Claire

But maybe make her less evil? She's a super powerful witch, so she can take her body back over... but she's learned a few things in the afterlife and has given up the child-murdering thing.

Episode Flashbacks, Arrow-Style

A neat narrative tricks on Arrow is peppering in every episode with an Oliver Queen flashback. The Originals could begin doing that, with Holt appearing in all flashbacks and Richardson-Sellers in present day.

Give Gia Her Body

Elijah has had a heck of a rough year, and things were just getting good with him and Gia. If they could take her essence and just transition it over, they could have another shot at love. It would probably take him awhile to get over dating someone in a body previously taken up by his sister but love conquers all, right?

Witch Body Jump

If not Gia, I'm sure there are tons of other persecuted witches out there who would love to body jump into a new, powerful witch body.

Long Lost Mikaelson

Freya is already the new (not previously mentioned) sibling on the scene, who is to say that Esther didn't have another child, maybe even by another man that could come searching for their siblings. They could take over Richardson-Seller's body and then we'd still have both actresses as Mikaelson siblings!

Davina Binding Spell

She's not regent for nothing, Davina could use her fancy magic to bind Rebekah so that her vampire-self merges with her witch-self, and she can rotate depending on her mood. It'd be a pretty cool party trick.

They Could Just Rotate

Too simple? They could always ditch the magic and spells, declaring that every other week will be split with a different actress. Could get a little complicated — but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Just come back to us, Claire!

Images: Annette Brown/The CW; bloody-niklaus,geekorunique(4),undaggered/Tumblr